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10/14/2005 2:14 pm

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Opening Up

OK, if seduction and eroticism has more to do with thoughts and words than sexual organs, what's the process?

It starts with openness and trust. A man must be open and transparent with a woman. Vulnerable. A man must be more interested in the woman than in his own dick. Most men can't get to this place. But this is critical. This openness to and interest in the woman earns the right to be heard. Once a woman is really listening with her head and heart, then and only then can one's words and thoughs enter into her innermost being. Maybe she'll accept them, maybe not. That's the risk one has to take.

After one earns the priviledge of the woman's opening of her heart and mind to you, the opening of her body will follow in due course. This turns what could be merely fucking into truly making love. Sweet.

love_2_hump_u 59M

10/16/2005 5:09 am

Well, I thought about just deleting the above comments, but they really should be replied to:
1) I should have said that a man should think about pleasing his partner more than pleasing his dick. Forgive me for being imprecise.
2) as to the pictures, they're supposed to be about the owner of the account and
3) I've tried to make them fun. Either I've failed completely or the humor was lost on her.
4) These comments come from a person whose profile is turned off, so obviously the concepts of 'open' and 'vulnerable' are alien to people he. She's one of those who hides in the shadows and snipe at those of us who are actually trying to understand and help people. They will never experience a real relationship anyway. Which is sad consider. I feel sorry for her and those like her.

Enough for now.

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