Best Orgasm I Ever Had  

love2_makeUcum 45M
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3/13/2006 10:36 pm

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12/11/2006 6:10 pm

Best Orgasm I Ever Had

I don’t know if everybody has experienced an orgasm that was like oh shit got damn. lol One that gets etched into your mind as a ohhhhweee moment. Well I have. It was with a former friend with benefits. We will call her Ms. K. Me and Ms. K were cool as hell, we talked a lot, but were basically exclusively intimate with each other.

I am a butt nut. A woman’s ass is my favorite body part. Yes, I like a smile and the face and the mind. Yea yea yea, but keeping it real. A woman with a nice ass is oh so sweet to me. Ms. K had a great ass with nice hips. Me and Ms. K would have great sex conversations. She told me that she didn’t have an orgasm from regular penetration all the time. But, everytime she had anal sex she would cum. At the time, one of my biggest fantasies was to have anal sex with a woman and to make her cum while I was in her. So when Ms. K told me this, I am like oh yea its on.

I tell Ms. K about my fantasy and she is like oh hell no. And I am like, but why not? You cum from anal everytime, what’s the deal? Ms. K had played with my dick before we actually ever did anything and she was like your dick is too big to go into my ass. It’s not going to happen. Now don’t get it twisted, I am not porn star status or long dong silver or any shit like that. I am a little above avg. and very thick. And that was her issue. She was like your shit is too thick for me. So of course I am like, ain’t this a bitch.

Ms. K comes over one night and she is looking good. The ass is just incredible. So in my mind I am like damn, I need to get that ass (literally). lol I figure that if I put in some real work I can maybe make a move. So we get going and I eat her pussy for about 30 mins. While I am eating her I finger her ass to see how she will respond as well as I love the response I get when I do that to women. She is cumming hard and squeezing her thick thighs around my head everytime she cums.

I put on a condom and slide into her wet pussy and she starts cumming from regular penetration (remember she said she doesn’t come much from regular penetration). So I start working harder to get her to cum more, because in my mind, I am thinking the more pleased she is the more willing she will be if I make a move on her ass. After awhile, we stop and lay next to each other, but she is lying with her ass to me and its looking so damn good. So I roll her over on to her stomach and ask if it’s ok to play with her ass and she say ok.

As she lays on her stomach with her legs open I start licking her ass and it drives her crazy. Then I start fingering it and she keeps responding incredibly. So I straddle her and start rubbing my very hard dick between her ass cheeks. As I did that I spread her ass cheeks by pushing down on them from the side. Her pretty asshole was just so inviting. So I ask her, is it ok if I try? She moans my name and says I don’t know. I reassured her that I would be gentle and she says ok. So I lube her up and the condom very well and begin trying to put the head in her. It wouldn’t go, so I laid directly on top of her while she was still face down and tried again. As I tried to work it in, she began to push her ass back to me letting me know that she really wanted it. After about 7 mins the head finally kind of pops in.

At that point, I am not sure what got into her, but she started pushing back in a rhythm and with some force. Now, I am trying to be cool and not go so aggressively because I don’t want to hurt her. But once she got going like that she couldn’t be stopped. So I got into rhythm with her and next thing you know my whole dick was in her and the tightness felt so incredible. She would push her ass back up to me and then squeeze her ass tight as she pull her ass back down towards the bed. Within about 5 mins she cums so damn hard that the bed shakes and she starts getting real loud. But, she doesn’t stop, she starts going harder and it is feeling so damn good. 3 mins later she explodes again then stops for a minute to stop shaking and starts right back up.

At this point I cant take it any more and right as I am about to explode I pull my dick out and pull the condom off and shoot one of the prettiest cum shots all over her ass and back. That orgasm was so strong and felt so good, I couldn’t do anything but fall on to the bed as say damn that was some good shit! lmao That was probably the strongest orgasms I have ever had and for sure felt the best. The great thing about it to me was that she had two of the most powerful orgasms I ever experienced a woman have. It was what dreams are made of.

Now if my future wifey is reading this, honey we don’t have to do that often. But, it damn sure would be nice if we can add anal to our repertoire.

firestarter228 43F
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6/12/2006 4:38 pm

Damn if it like that whats up? My shit is jumping just reading this.

rm_Wet_andWarm 40F
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8/3/2006 4:21 pm

Baby I would love for you to assault my asshole. Size is a turn on...

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