Defeating the object?  

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8/8/2006 6:01 am

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Defeating the object?

Hello there.
Today's my day off, I've done all my chores.
I'm in town now, sitting in an internet cafe writing this... And i was wondering...
Shouldn't i go and exercise my body instead of sitting here?
Are we turning into web potatoes spending too much time on line?
If i was to turn unhealthy, i might become less attractive, then i would have to spend more time on this site in the hope of meeting someone, therefore becoming even more unhealthy... Sigh. Vicious circle begins...
Hey, that was just a random thoughts with some cynical comments. Do not take this seriously.
Nonetheless, the issue had to be raised.
Ok, I'm off jogging in the park now and eat more vegetables.
Love you all, wonderful people here.

loupbleu0307 43M

8/9/2006 7:30 pm

    Quoting blonde367:
    well i think ure pic looks great hun, hope u enjoyed the jog, will need all ure energy for when we get talking bout that singles bar we gonna open
Oh thank you my darling. Energy i have. I was wondering though, wouldn't a single bar too much of a niche market? We definitely need to talk about this...
See you soon my love. xxx

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