The Balcony  

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6/12/2005 4:47 pm

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The Balcony

(Him typing)

Well I figured I might as well start posting in our blog too since I've seen how much my other half enjoys it.

Last night we started out watching a movie and just cuddling on the couch. After the movie was over we weren't really that tired so we decided go out onto the balcony and just sit down and talk since it was a nice night. While we were sitting there talking and rocking back and forth on the glider, I remembered that she had once told me that it would be fun to have sex on the balcony. I knew she had to be thinking the same thing, but I didnt do anything to provoke it since we were having a nice conversation. Eventually she draped her leg across me and I started to rub it rather innocently. It was at this point that I knew if I continued a little further, she would want to do more. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips to gauge her reaction. She apparantly had the same thought as I did and kissed back, but a little bit more passionately. I took the cue and began to carress her mouth with my tongue. After a few minutes of kissing, I sat back into my initial position and she began rubbing my chest. She knows exactly how to turn me on. After she played with my nipples a little bit she went searching for more and her hands found themselves on my rock hard dick.

It was at this point that she sat up and said that she had to go to the bathroom. Now while she may have actually had to do that, I knew that she was going in to grab a blanket for fucking on and to slip into something more comfortable. Sure enough, she came back out in a robe with a blanket in her hands. She sat next to me and I knew immediatly what she wanted. She loves it when I carress her breats and play with her nipples. I started out rubbing them in circles and slighty pinching her nipples just to tease her a little. I then slowly opened up her robe so that I can get my tongue in there. It drives her nuts when I lick her nipples and playfully bite. It didnt take long before she was moaning softly while I was nibbling on her nipples. Out of nowhere she dove for my pants and unzipped them. Before I knew it she was on her knees with her robe wide open and with my pants around my ankles.

She knows how much I like it when she plays with my balls, so she went to work right away, swallowing both of them all the while licking every inch under them. She then slowly started licking my throbbing shaft and I desperatly wanted to stab the back of her throat with my dick. She teased me for a good 5 mins before she took me completely in her mouth. It makes her so wet when I groan, so I began to make soft sounds indicating that I liked what she was doing. I decided to change things up a little bit, so while she was deep throating me, I leaned forward to thrust further down her mouth and at the same time started to pinch her nipples. This made her moan which resonnated on my dick b/c it was still in her mouth.

She then jumped up and threw herself onto my member. She was so incredibly wet, it was amazing. As we started to rock back and forth on the glider, her wetness was splashing all over my balls, and it only turned me on more. I grabbed her ass and squeezed and pulled her further on my dick. Her moans and shortened breath made me want to explode. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me between her tits and I started to lick madly. I couldnt take it any longer, her wetness combined with the fact that anybody could see us if they looked up was driving me nuts. I just had to cum. I actually think she knew what she was doing the whole time, she wanted me to come like that. Now I obviously felt bad for blowing my load before she got off. So after we cleaned up and headed inside, I laid down on the bed next to her. She was already rubbing herself again, so I joined in. I could tell that she wasnt as wet as she was before, so I straddeled her neck and slowly started to thrust my dick into her mouth. She absolutely loved it. I put my hands behind her head and made her sallow my entire cock. She was dripping wet in no time. I got off of her and before I could lay down fully she was on my dick. I began to thrust upwards and play with her breasts. She was almost screaming so I grabbed her ass and started to thrust even harder. I could feel her start to get off so I pulled her closer to me and started to do the work for her. She was cumming all over me, it was incredible.

After she got off I explained to her how it felt for me to know that she was getting off. It absolutely blows her mind how I know what she wants and how she wants it. I love it, I love to please her. It was a great night, and I know that we'll have some more fun on that glider in the future

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6/26/2005 9:25 pm

That's so fucking hot to read. You really should write erotica. Wow, I have to go fuck now. Thanks!

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