Sex in the Shower  

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11/26/2005 8:46 pm

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Sex in the Shower

I spent a lot of time on AdultFriendFinder today, and I was feeling horny. I needed to take a shower, so I did. I thought maybe I would just play with myself in the shower. In the shower, I fingered myself a bit, and then went on with my shower. My guy then peeked into the shower. "I didn't know you were going to take a shower," he said.

"Yup. You want to take a shower?" I replied.
"Yeah, I will."
"What are you waiting for?"
"You." And then he left the bathroom.

I was shocked. Didn't he get the drift? Disappointed, I continued washing my hair. Just a few seconds later I heard the door open again, and he opened the shower curtain. He was naked and he climbed into the shower with me. He put his arms around me and we kissed as the water ran over us. I rinsed my hair and then resumed kissing. His dick was pressing against me, so I reached down to caress it. I went down on my knees and took him into my mouth. The water was running down my face giving an unusual sensation. I reached down to my pussy and I was wet... and not from the shower.

After teasing him a bit with my tongue, I stood back up and put one foot on the edge of the shower. This gave him perfect access to my pussy. He leaned into me and slid right in. I braced myself with my arm as he pumped against me. The water was running across us, and I was surprised that I was getting such wonderful sensations while standing in a somewhat awkward situation. He was at a perfect angle to hit my sweet spot. If it weren't for the strange situation I probably could have gotten off like that.

I wanted to try something different, so I turned around and bent over. I put my foot on the side of the tub again, and he came at me from behind. He was able to pound me very well from this angle. However, wanting to try everything possible, I wanted to move again. I turned back around and put my foot on the side of the tub again. I somehow got the other foot up on the other side of the tub as he helped steady me. He was easily able to enter me from below. While fun, it was a hard position to maintain, so we soon moved to the next experiment.

All the while the water got cooler and cooler as we used up all the hot water. It really didn't matter to me. In fact, I didn't really notice. I was hot enough as it was! He asked if I wanted him to try lying down. I looked at the width of the tub, doubting it would work, but we gave it a shot. He laid down and I attempted to ride him. There was barely room for my knees beside him, so it really didn't work well at all. We got up again and I bent over again, this time at the back side of the shower. He entered me from behind again and went to town. I decided to go down to my knees, and this worked quite well. I love doggy style, and so does he. I leaned forward and started rubbing my clit with my hand while he slid in and out of me. The water was flowing around us, making things very sensual.

As I rubbed myself and he fucked me, the sensations became more and more intense. I knew I could easily cum like this. As I moved around I caused him to slip out of me, but he quickly slid back in. My legs tensed up and I kept rubbing my clit furiously. I really never get myself off when we are having doggy style sex, but this was a special occurrence. My hand was almost starting to go numb, but I kept going. The sound of the water faded away as I felt my orgasm build. Before long I was moaning loudly and exploded with pleasure. Maybe it was the different setting that made things so intense, or the feeling of the water. At any rate, when it was over my ears were ringing, I could barely hear the water, and I was very light-headed. It was something that used to happen to me a lot when I was younger when I got off, but I'm not sure the last time it happened. I stayed on my knees for a minute, and then he helped me to my feet. My ears still ringing, I braced myself against the shower wall while my vision refocused. I might have fallen if he hadn't been holding me. It took several minutes to get back to normal.

We finished washing off and got out of the shower. I was so exhausted that it took quite a while to completely recover!!

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11/26/2005 9:40 pm

Thanks for the visual images! >>!

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