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12/17/2005 12:15 pm

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My Fantasy

I would love to meet an intelligent lady with a body type similar to mine. We would start out by all three meeting for dinner and drinks. If things go well, maybe pick up a bottle of wine and head back to our place. We all loosen up a bit as we talk, laugh, and enjoy our wine. I am sitting next to him, and he has his arm around me, she is on the other side of the couch, not far from us. He begins rubbing my leg innocently, and I see that she notices. I smile and spread my legs a bit as if to give him permission to keep caressing my thigh. He begins rubbing my shoulders like he always does, and she playfully says, "Me next." I move out of the way and let her scoot in between his legs to get her backrub while I refill the glasses. I return and watch and make small talk as I notice she seems to really be enjoying her backrub. He moves his hands low on her back and under her shirt, giving her a slight chill when he touches her skin. I can see that her nipples are hard under her thin, revealing shirt. She leans back into him, placing his lips at her neck. He begins softly kissing her neck and she closes her eyes.

As I watch, I start to get very aroused as he teases another woman in front of me. As she is enjoying his soft lips on her neck I scoot closer and kiss her lips. She receptively kisses back as I feel our tongues intertwine. I reach up to her left breast only to find his hand is already there. I unbutton her shirt and cup her right breast. I run my fingertips along the outer curve of her chest and around the edge of her bra. I slid my hand around her back and unhook her bra, sliding it up over her C cup breasts. Her arms are still in the sleeves of her shirt preventing me from sliding the bra all the way off. I return my hand to her breast feeling my skin against hers. Her nipples are very erect by now, and I roll it between my fingers. I start to slide her shirt the rest of the way off, and she leans up to make it easier, and he finishes pulling it off for me. Her bra easily falls off, and I lean down to take her left nipple into my mouth.

I realize that her right hand is reaching behind her, and I realize that she is caressing his hard cock through his jeans. "Why don't we go in the other room," he suggests. We all move into the bedroom where we lay her on the bed. He starts unbuttoning her jeans, and I assist in getting them off. Then he turns to me and pulls my shirt over my head and unhooks my bra. I return the favor by pulling his shirt off. I feel a hand in between my legs and realize it is her hand. She climbs up on her knees to meet me and kisses me again while moving her other hand to my chest. He reaches down and rubs her thigh, causing her to want to spread her legs for him. As I notice, I gently push her down onto her back and caress the inside of her thighs. While I am doing this he begins working to get my jeans off. I tease her with my fingertips, gently brushing them across her engorged pussy lips. I let my middle finger traipse down the center, lightly brushing her firm clit and through her slippery wetness. I move my hand up to her mouth and rub her wetness on her lips. I return my hand to her wet spot and place my whole hand on her pussy, sliding my middle finger further in between her folds. She opens her legs for me, and I continue playing with her. He now had my pants off and is lying beside me, rubbing me and watching as I rub her. I am dripping from the excitement of touching her and having him touch me at the same time.

Instinctively, I move onto my knees and settle between her legs. I gently kiss each of her pussy lips, and then run my tongue from her opening to her clit, applying steady pressure. She moans lightly as I repeat my actions. I slid my hands under her thighs encouraging her to open her legs wider and raise her hips. This gives me perfect access to press my tongue into her asshole making her squirm. I refocus my attention to her pussy and press my tongue inside her as far as I can. She tastes wonderful. While I eat her I feel him move behind me and begin licking me as well. It become a little hard for me to concentrate on licking her while he is teasing me at the same time. He has the perfect angle to lick my pussy and my ass. I tease her to the edge and then stop before she cums. I turn around to him and start unbuttoning his pants. I slide them down and his solid dick sticks straight out. She crawls right over and begins licking his cock while he kneels on the bed. We eventually get him on his back, and she gets into the 69 position on top of him. He starts licking her pussy as she sucks him. I move in between his legs and begin licking his balls and move lower to that special spot, occasionally letting my tongue tickle his ass. He cringes with sensation. We tease him for a bit, and occasionally my tongue meets hers as we both lick him.

I decide that I want to change things up, so I pull her up and crawl on top of him. She sits up, still on his face, and I position my pussy just above his dick. She guides his dick inside me while kissing me and fondling my breasts with her free hand. "Ughhhh...." I let out a moan as he enters me. I begin riding him, grinding my clit into him and letting him rub the sweet spot inside me. After a few minutes, even though I wanted to keep going, I decided I really wanted to see him fuck her. I got off of him, and said "Your turn" to her. She smiled and mounted him. I kissed him and then watched her ride him. He held her hips as she thrust herself on top of him.

After a moment he told her to turn around. She got on her hands and knees and he got behind her. I know he loves doggy style. He began pounding her and I decided to crawl under her. She and I worked our way into a 69 position and she began eating me. I also had a great view of his cock sliding in and out of her. I began licking her clit and alternating licking his balls. I was so excited watching him that I couldn't take it anymore. She slid two fingers inside of me and I lost it. I started moaning loudly as I climaxed. Apparently this sent him over the top as well because he let out a moan and buried his cock deep inside her. I latched onto her clit and in perfect timing; I felt her body tense as well. Like magic, we were all cumming together. It was an intense orgasm that seemed to last forever. I was somewhat light headed when I finally came down from my high. He slid out of her and leaned on her back to catch his breath. His cum dripped on my face, and I leaned up to lick the rest from her lips. He rolled to the side and laid on the bed trying to catch his breath. She fell to the other side of me in the same fashion.

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