poems no 1  

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8/19/2005 12:25 pm

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poems no 1

Autaum breezes

Take my heart and makes it fall and seezes

Makes it stumble on the warmth of your touch

Summer arrives

Love is still alive

Beauty twiligth

Ones passion is ones Ligth

Winter passes on

Love crys a happy song

On the edge of eternity

blissfull snow

My love i show

By louis monette

On my knees soaking by this eternel rain

inside i feel such pain

No growth i gain

Missery for that is what ive been slained

My lord ill ask ask is to be forgived

For the sins i did

for the darkness i brougth upon

To find this inner kid

The times i can look at the sun

And not fear and run

My lord pls wip my tears

and crush all my fears

My tears mix with the rain

My blood vanish into the water

my bones the feel they will shatter

my lod all i aks id to be forgived

By louis monette

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