Make up your friggin minds.  

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8/18/2005 8:44 pm

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Make up your friggin minds.

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I was thinking about posting on this very topic tonight when I ran across it so I think I will just team up with you in this one. I too believe that the girls on here no NOT want to hook up or actually meet anyone. It really seems that they just want Safe attention from members of the site. Other people telling them that they are hot. They put pictures on their profile of them being able to put their ankles behind their own heads then in the writeup it says "Just looking for friends to hang out with. If you are looking for just sex, then don't respond." Oh...and one of my favorites, the girl that has her legs spread for all the world to see and then in the profile says,"I am looking for a man who is not all about sex. I want spomeone that respects me for who I am and is intelligent, witty, caring, sensitive, macho, assertive, but kind and gentle. Give me a break....

All you want is for guys to write to you with dick pics and tell you what they would love to do to your gorgeous bodies, so you can fill a little thrilled, excited then disgusted as you condemn the message to the trash and utter "Pigs" in a tone that is meant to make us feel ashamed of being members of the male gender.

Well, You get part of it. Guys are pigs. Present company included, to some extent. But I have to admit that I have a hard time taking a girl seriously when she states that she wants a caring, sensitive man that will respect her when she has objects protruding from various orifices. I try to overlook these obvious contradictions but ut us getting more and more difficult.

Then there are the ones that advertise like it is hard for them to get anyone to respond to them. The ones that say that they will do just about anything with anyone please write and you won't be disappointed. As an experiment, I wrote. I was disappointed. No response. But then I have probably sent out 150 messages, to get 3 responses in return. The same stuck up chicks are showing up on the cupid list time after time, and I am getting damn sick and tired of not getting even a message back saying, sorry, you are too old.and ugly. Shit, Tell me where I am going wrong, and if it is not too degrading maybe I can modify myself a bit to try to get some action. I don't need much. Hell a thrill no matter how cheap is still a thrill.

But I am not going to beg. Fuck that. I will pay for it first, at least that way I can get what I want and how I want it and not give these stuck up bitches the satisfaction of knowing what they missed out on.

Ya want to know a secret? I used to believe in fairy tales. I used to sing love songs in public to pretty ladies to woo and win them over. I used to spoil them with little affections and sensitive thoughful acts and gifts, just to have them throw it back in my face and demand more. To tease and hold affection over my head like it was a damn treat for a dog that performed a trick to satisfaction.

The thing is, I want to believe that I can fall in love. I want to believe that I can care for a woman so deeply that every single thought is about her, and it kills me to be away from her for even a minute.

Those women, I am convinced are extinct. The old romantic notions are dead and love is contingent on being able to pay the mortgage and get the kids to the baseball games on time, while not spending too much time resting or god forbit, having fun doing something that doesn't involve the honeydo list.

Are there any good women out there? On here? Who isn't either not really interested in meeting someone who is actually a nice guy that won't screw around on them or take advantage of them, or shopping for the great looking magazine male model that they can parade around to all their friends?


Oh, and to all you lesbians?......Thanks for nothing. ;o)

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