'Oral' Satisfaction... Now that I have your attention.  

lost_boy74 42M
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4/11/2005 8:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

'Oral' Satisfaction... Now that I have your attention.

Tricked you all, this post isn't really about 'oral' satisfaction (that posting is going to come later), it's about 'aural' (pronounced the same as oral) satisfaction.

You see, I'm a musician, and while at a Steve Vai concert recently in Royal Oak, I realized that I tend to get 'hot and bothered' when the right songs/sounds were being played. So, with that in mind, I ask you all, how do you like your aural satisfaction? Do you get turned on by the sound of screaming guitars? Do you prefer the soothing sound of Marvin Gaye's voice as he sings "Let's Get It On?" Or, maybe you get even more hot and bothered when your lover is moaning and screaming?

I'm curious to know, and hope to hear from you that wish to answer (everyone is welcome to participate... except where prohibited by law).

Plumpness1 48F

4/28/2005 11:18 pm

Oh, I am VERY aurally-sensitive. My only problem is that I can't identify instruments by the sound they make. Except, obviously drums! And I can't really define a riff, rhythym (except to dance) or any of the other stuff that helps you describe music.

But Carlos Santana's guitar-playing has a direct line to my clit! His playing seems like he's actually there fingering me. And the more intensely he plays, the more excited I get! There are some songs where his guitar just makes a sound that seems like the embodiment of my excitement. Like if my clit made a sound as I was excited, it would sound like Carlos Santana's guitar - I know, it sounds crazy!! But, his playing has this intensity that's like sex, and his songs are 'arranged?' with a slow build, a plateau of excitement, the high notes like a climax of an orgasm , then the slow anti-climax like the pulsing, calming feel you get after an orgasm!

And, lest you think I've got a crush on Carlos, not true. I don't necessarily find him physically-attractive (though I do like Latin men), I love the passion, intensity and concentration he has when playing. But make no mistake, it's the music!!


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