i guess there is life on this little planet  

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7/26/2005 8:50 am

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i guess there is life on this little planet

umm...so yeah. this may be off topic a bit, but actually anything I would write about would be off topic because this is a blog...yeah anyways, i couldn't help but notice that my old record of views has been broken...and that number would be...! 5! but it's more now! ta-da! hahahaha, yeah, guess that means something right? nah, probably not, just a fluke or...wait...am I...dying?!?!?!?!?!

I've been given a lot of great advice in my lifetime, everyone i know or met always kind of preaches me the samething, "you can do better in your life...", "you can get a better job in your life...", "you will find a nice girl in your life...", etc., etc. and i'm always known to be a "nice guy". don't mean to come off in a condensending manner or any bad manner, but it's just that that's what has been said to me. and...(i know i'll sound like a nerd for saying this, so just giving a heads up)well...i think i'm being to change in the opposite way, kind of like when anakin skywalker first started off good then ended up evil. sounds stupid but i have notice that...i mean i start to think of the things i use to do and the things i do now. they may be small things now but i think i'll be cold and distant in the future. it has started, for example...i use to always clean after my mess, and look out for others, always helping out anyone and i mean anyone who might need my help, but now...i just simply walk away. I just drop and leave. It's something small but who knows? but perhaps i'm thinking too much into it. myabe since i'm aware of it now, i can either fix it. or maybe this is something i'm looking too much into to make my life a bit more dramatic.

when it comes to anything i can do, if i fail, i'll pick myself up and do it again, but when it comes to women...well...we're all powerless to 'em. you know that, they know that...and i certainly know that now!

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