Transatlantic madness  

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4/21/2005 5:28 am

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Transatlantic madness

Paris airport, waiting for the boarding to Boston. Still. Just got off the phone with Henry (my lawyer), and the contracts are done. Signature tomorrow morning 8am local time. I hope I will be in the shape to at least remember my name. This airport is noisy, and the lounge is as well ... I don't want to use one of the f words again. Just skip that, I'm so completely spoiled.

Lisa joined me for breakfast and it seems we had marvellous action yesterday together with the british. It's really worth it to see Lisa getting off with a girl, and I strongly hope that in a couple of days my partial amnesia will be gone. The british actually was a scottish, and the lass' name was Carina. It seems that Lisa and I had a hard time to fill her up, as she was in fisting.

Lisa went slobbering over her at the breakfast table - so damn loud that the guys at the table on the right blushed, and one nearly could see her pants getting tight - how damn horny she went when pushing her two hands up into Carina's front and rear. That in turn made me so damn horny, that I couldn't help it, and I told Lisa that I wanted to shove something into her immediately at that second. She returned the compliment and her tongue ran over her lips, which made my pants bulge from well you know what. She pursued then saying that she was horny anyway all the morning, cause she was wearing a plug. Front or rear I asked, joking, and she answered, well look yourself, which I eventually did.

We finished our coffee, and convinced the manager on duty that we needed her office for half an hour, negotiating a rate of 200 Euros, shut the door and helped Lisa in replacing her fill with something really hot and pulsing. I was shagging her on the manager's desk, bending her over with the skirt raised, when the door opened. What shall I say; the manager blushed first, and a minute later, when my fingers slipped into her she was completely wet, sitting on the edge of the desk with her skirt pushed up, and rubbing her clit while she enjoyed my fingers.

I've to check the gate now; damn, writing this down made horny again. Hope I can find some fun on this long distance trip. Just to close the story, she finally went off like a hurrican, and she was so loud in screaming "fuck me deeper" that I really feared an alarmed clerk would come running into this office. That finally didn't happen, but the manager was a squirting kind and Lisa was so excited about seeing the load of juice spurt out of her pussy, that she hastened to catch the juice with her mouth, drinking every drop while I was pounding her from behind. After that she told me that the cocktail of the manager's juice and my cum could really be addictive!

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