Sunshine State Golf Ressort  

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4/25/2005 3:11 pm

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Sunshine State Golf Ressort

Welcome in the Sunshine State. 28 degrees centigrade, sun, blue sky, a decent swimming pool and perspectives ... "Rejuvenate Mind, Body, and Soul" says the Spa display in my room, and that is what I am going to do here. That is exactly what I am going to do.

Remember the flight attendant mentioned in my last post? Well she was not on the Miami flight, but she was on fire. She was up to a Chicago flight that was cancelled last minute, and so before going home she decided to have a coffee. She was a true redhead; did I say before that I love that kind? Well, after a couple of minutes she talked about her loneliness, always on the road, no real friends, and I asked, how is it possible, such a nice, intelligent, good looking girl (she was hardly over 26 or so). A bit later - she had switched from coffee to a triple whiskey - she started to complain about her sexual life, or more precise, about her not-taking-place sexual life. I said, well, give me a call when you're in Zurich (where I usually live) and we can make up a date or so.

I said, I wanted to go for the lounge to have some more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, when she answered, yes, let's go there, I know a real good quiet place. And when we went to the Admirals Lounge, she made me follow her, and showed her crew pass to a lady behind the counter. Magically, this made a door open (Staff only!), and when that one shut, and she turned the key, we were really in a quiet atmosphere. All alone with some leather couches, a fridge, and real warm and dim light. I said, wow, that's pretty nice, I want to come here more often. And she stood in front of me, pulled my jacket off, and pushed me so that I was stumbling backwards to finish sitting on a couch, with her over me a second later, already unbuttoning her shirt. I ripped her bra off, unleashing her C size breasts with that kind of long hard nipples characteristic for the true redhead kind. While I was sucking and biting them - well I started off tenderly and quickly noticed that she wanted it the hard way "such them hard, oooh yesssss" - she opened my belt and pants, pulling out my cock, massaging it (which felt pretty good). She then stood up in front of me, on the sofa, pushed her skirt up, and pressed her pussy in my face. She was slippery wet already, and I started sucking her juice out of her. She was partially shaved, with a little spot of red hair just on the top over her clit, and that latter was really big. Damn big. And when I took it between my teeth, she started to scream (and cream) and pressed against my face that I thought she would make me literally eat her.

She then ended up lying across my knees, with her butt just in front of me, begging me to give her a good spanking because she has been such a bad girl. I was, well, let's say, surprised, but thought, hmmmm, ok, that's a nice butt and a little red would well fit her hair. So I started to treat her as she wanted, and with every slap she moaned a little louder, her butt got a little more rosier, and myself much hornier. She continued to plead that she has been such a bad girl and that I should be a good daddy and punish her. Hmmm, I do have some gray hair, but daddy? Would uncle be ok, too? She somehow made me angry with that, well not really, but somehow, and I made her stand up and bend over, so that the skin was nicely tightened, and continued the punishment, slapping her harder this time, and her lips where swelling between her thighs, whereas her ass was getting bright red. When I made her kneel down over the sofa, and pulled out my belt to give her a real good punishment (because I felt that her uncle would really be angry seeing her like that) she couldn't take it anymore, grabbed my cock and pulled me close to shove it into her ass. No, not into her pussy, she really wanted me to fuck her ass. That's what I did. First. Then her pussy. And both were wonderfully tight. She cummed like thunderstorm and ligthning, and that made me explode, too, and I hardly managed to get out of her to give her my load over her belly (yes, we had changed position, and I don't go into every detail here).

Before we went our respective ways, she gave me her number. And, oh for sure, I will call her! By the way, she was twenty-two.

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