How to use a high-tech video conference room  

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4/29/2005 3:51 am

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How to use a high-tech video conference room

Have arrived back to Zurich and went from the airport directly to my office. Hot coffee and hot shower, that was great. I'm still jetlagged now, but after that video conference with my downunder manager, I feel much better. Having had my shower, a good shave (facial, please ...), and fresh clothes, I went to the v/c room, my XL coffee mug with me.
I knew that I've been a bit early, switched on the TVs (I do have one for the local and one for the remote image) and the cam, and just sat down on the edge of the table to wait for Alice, my manager in downunder Brisbane, to join in.

Well, Alice was there. Somehow. She must have been ignoring that the equipment has already been turned on, or she thought that I could find this kind of wakeup call useful. Anyways, she was half sitting on the table, her skirt pushed up, and her hands massaging herself. Not to tell you about the moans and groans. I'm a very auditive guy, and listening that while having watching her in high quality video, made me immediately horny like hell.

I said "Would you mind me joining you?"
You should have seen her! She fell half of the table, trying to get her dress right in light speed. I laughed, and said "I appreciate you sharing these business perspectives with me". She nearly fell on her knees apologizing. "Hmmm", I said, "I could fire you for that." Just wanted to scare her a bit. Would I be that stupid to fire that hot gal, knowing that she was an excellent country manager on top of that? And she answered, "Well, I will pick up my personal affairs. I'm really sorry."

I smiled. "Hey, Alice", I said, "I need you to run that affiliate. You're one of my best people, you know that." - "Thank you", she answered, "but you are right, my behavior is not acceptable." She sounded not even desparate. She was so fucking classy, that lady. I replied "You know, Alice, instead of picking up your affairs, I'd prefer you to pick up your skirt, and let me join your pleasure. I'm pretty jetlagged, but ..."

And she was gorgeous. Somewhen she picked up a banane from the fruit bowl and shoved it in, letting me see that in a closeup perspective, and while I heard her cum, I let her watch shooting my load all over the place (I cleaned it up myself later).

I believe that you will find me downunder soon to get a more detailed picture on how business is going there.

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