Brainless oneliner  

lordemeraud 50M
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5/8/2005 2:45 pm

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7/28/2007 2:11 am

Brainless oneliner

Finally a free minute. No time for blogging and not even time for fun. I am working a new deal and as always it's pure hell. Anyway, that's not what you may want to know.

I got a very nice one-liner from a Zurich guy which reads: "I am looking for somebody visiting me tonight to fuck me."

Well, amazing, how many thoughts this can trigger:

(1) Is it that kind of intellectual blanks you get when you're a female member? If so, why are there so many of you, ladies? *grin*

(2) Do people think that I am gay, because my profile shows my butt? Let me tell you this: I am not, and I will never even give it a try! *lol* The reason my profile shows my butt is a) I don't like to see a pussy in a profile neither and b) I cannot show my face not to spoil business. Hope you understand that.

(3) Is this guy desparate? Otherwise he would have the time to read that I am looking NOT for men.

(4-999) All kinds of insults ...

I really hope that this is not the typical message you ladies get here, otherwise you must either be masochistic, used to brainless guys, be brainless or desparate yourself (which I do NOT want to assume!), or find that funny (doesn't it become boring after a while?).

However, I appreciate any occasion to extend my ignore list.

wannasee63 53F
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5/4/2007 6:41 pm

Hi Justin!!

When I signed in today, it say in my friends profile page that there were some updates, so, of course, I had to check it out.
This is where I to speak, well not exactly right here, but in Justin's world. First, let me say, I'm glad to see you are still alive! Second, after reading this blog it makes me wonder if some of the guys(?) on here know how to send out 'mass' emails of their one liners to everyone! Just as I've asked on my profile,not to send the one liners of "lets fuck", etc. I still get them (yawn!) Fortunatly I do get some very good and juicy emails that help to make up for the thoughtless ones.
So,since there are so many brainless guys out there who write them, you can now imagine how boring it is to receive them. But, dear God, I hope that doesn't mean I'm the one who is masochistic, brainless or desparate (unless we are talking about cock or chocolate--since I love those things most, I'm always desperate for them!! I can't help it, I always want more!)
And speaking of more.... I hope to see you again!

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