So why do I feel so blue?  

lookingfrmrright 41F
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4/19/2006 2:11 pm

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4/21/2006 6:07 am

So why do I feel so blue?

AHHH, it is a gorgeous day, sunny, warm, blue sky, the whole nine, and yet I cant get myself out of this slump...I mean yea I did, just withing the last 2 months end a marriage, but you'd think I would be in a better mood. Just dont get it. I am supposed to be working(from home)...could be making great money if I get my ass in gear, but I have no motivation. This just started a few days ago. I think it is just that time...ya know the big one... no not that one...the other monthly one...

Or it could be that I am paying my attorney more than I would normally spend on all my bills every month.

Or it could be the laque of haveing a regular source for sex.(hey, I said I gave up on loving him...doesnt mean I am not getting laid).

Oh hell, who cares it will pass in a few days, and if it doesnt I'll just take up drinking!

gypsy1629 41F

4/19/2006 3:14 pm

No no no...the drinking will make your depression/funk state even about it more...write...use affirmations to re-build your confidence and self-esteem...anything but the drink!


easygoingguy852 47M
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4/19/2006 3:24 pm

sounds like you need to have a few beers and go out and get laid,get you out of that slump and probably get a cheeper attorney while your at it! just don`t let prolong

pretzel_logic2 40M
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4/19/2006 3:25 pm

Everything looks better in the morning, unless you do take up drinking. That will be a different post probably.

rm_truedom2 56M
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4/19/2006 5:16 pm

Thats the spirit!

SirMounts 102M

4/20/2006 4:25 pm

Um... iced tea, hopefully. *wink*

lookingfrmrright 41F
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4/21/2006 6:07 am

Not to worry all...Hardly touch the stuff, and as expected it has passed. Big hugs to all of you, complete strangers,yet you reach out with kind words, and hopes of something better for me...You ALL deserve the best life has to offer, and if you don't already have it I hope it comes to you quickly.

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