Lazy Day  

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8/23/2006 8:10 am

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Lazy Day

Woke up this morning with nothing on my mind. Nothing's all I'm looking for, nothing's all I'll find. What to do now,... That is the question. Maybe start by posting a bunch of words that mean absolutely nothing. Then what? A little T.V. Another cup of coffee, then sit back and ponder at the idea of actually having a life and someone to share it with. Maybe pick up my guitar and try to write another song. I might pick up the phone and call a friend to meet for lunch. Whatever I choose to do I know it is my day and I will face it with a happy heart and a smile on my face. Here's hoping that you all find today to be a day to celebrate life, no matter how busy or lazy, for life is meant to be enjoyed. Have a wonderful day. Your friend, Robert


8/23/2006 11:33 pm

Finally decided to join us. Good luck and get to know some folks. think you will love the place as I do. TC {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

lookingformore40 51M

8/24/2006 7:16 am

Thanks for the response and yes I did. It should be a lot of fun, though it's been a while since I've done any writing.

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