On Atlanta, Waffle House and Giving Directions  

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12/26/2005 7:30 pm

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On Atlanta, Waffle House and Giving Directions

Well here I am, a self described homegrown, juicy, edible GA peach. I love this state and especially love the city of Atlanta. Here you can find so much cultural diversity and history. My first AdultFriendFinder date went sour due to my love for the city. I could not stop talking about the wonderful things it had to offer and possible improvements to be made. I have since learned that maybe I should get back to the topic of sex every now and then. I couldn't help myself.

But one of the staple institutions in Atlanta, the yellow sign from above, Waffle House is the best fucking thing in my life right now. I love the chocolate chip waffles. I am not sure who thought that up, but my panties off to you. I had one this morning with only a dab of butter and I was taken away. I am not sure why they have taken certain items off of the menu and why they don't use the lingo anymore (Waffle on two, make one pecan..etc.), but I miss the waffle sandwich plate - please bring it back.

I was given the honor today of giving directions - for those of you that don't know me, I am the worst at giving directions. (I sometimes drive a loud yellow car when I feel frisky, so I think visitors of the city mistake me for a taxi). The lady was on 285 around the Camp Creek area (for those of you familar) and wanted to get to Underground. I was proud of myself....I knew this...but how to tell her....

hmmmm.... well you are going to go here and then get off on 20 but I am not sure which if it is east of west..it is the one that will go off like this (pointing to the right)..then you will see the sign that will point to 75/85 North..then get off there..I am not sure what the exit number is...then you will see signs..just follow that..then you will see GA State University, the blue whale and then parking for Underground.

Did you understand any of that? I didn't either but that is what I said and I was proud of myself because she did not look confused. I hope she got there.

MyRealLoverOne 46M

12/26/2005 8:19 pm

ahhhh...the famous Waffle House...I eat there every time I come to Ga...

Real Lover

screwmeovernout 59M

12/26/2005 8:42 pm

Waffle house my fave place to eat, breakfast anytime. I usuall get the All Star breakfast, comes with a waffle. Im in East Point, I understood yer directions perfectly.

rm_rd2ruin 46M

12/26/2005 9:47 pm

I lived in altanta for years (GA State grad too!). only problem i see is that they wanted to go to the Underground in the first place lol.

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