be glad your not me  

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7/10/2005 9:38 pm

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be glad your not me

i am a 22 year old male who has never been out on a date who has never even kissed a girl and i find this situation to be frustrating on a daily basis. i have no real social life i rarly leave the house because i am aquared socially and dispite some of my best efforts to fight this part of me i find i am giving in more then i want to and not fixing this i need to become more social but im to shy to do that. if the girl were to make the first move by saying hi or by giiving me an email adress i can roll with it and do something to get my non exsistant social life stared. i know its customary for a man to get the ball rolling but i have no real social skills and cant tell if a girl is intrested in me or is just being friendly. i really just here to try and get 1 date with a girl i am not looking for sex i just want to get the ball rolling on my non esistant social life.

id59373 41M

7/11/2005 5:30 am

don`t seem to down on this I understand how you feel we are all sometimes feel like that you have social skills!! you made the effort to make it to this site!! you have all the women in the world!! be careful with your heart and don`t just give your virginity away to anyone it`s a gift I understand your frustration as a single man for ages I feel it too so why still a virgin? your good looking where you scared to? is it because you gave up? there is lots of women wanting to be with you your a gem waiting to be opened the trick is to contact women but don`t seem to be wanting just sex and join a few groups I am in 2 minds about the virginity thing it might have 2 affects it might attract women but it might make them think well I want someone that knows about sex but with a virgin you can train them they are not set in there ways but stick with this site!! don`t delete your profile! give it time!! no matter what comments you get that upset you listen!! stick with it the girl of your dreams is waiting good luck you will find her.

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