two bags  

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3/4/2006 7:57 pm

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two bags

A joke I heard from a friend...

A little old woman is walking down the street, dragging two big trash bags behind her. One of them has a hole in it, and $20 bills are falling out.

A kindly policeman stops her and mentions the trail of cash. He asks "Where did you get all that money, ma'am? And where are you going?"

She replies, "Well, I'm going to my bank, of course. The money? Well, my house backs up to a golf course, and men are always coming up to my shrubs and using them as a bathroom. It kills my shrubbery, so I decided on a way to fix the problem. I sit on the other side of the shrubs with pruning shears, and when they walk up and start their business I yell through my shrubs that it costs $20 to pee on my shrubs or I'll snip their ding-a-lings off."

The policeman nods, and says "That's interesting. And just what have you got in the other bag?"

The old lady says "Well, officer, not every one is willing to pay!"


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