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A female orgasm is defined as the peak of sexual arousal that can send a woman's whole body in a series of involuntary, pleasurable muscular contractions. A woman's heart rate and blood pressure increases while her breathing quickens as the release of endorphins into her blood stream can cause her to feel flushed, giddy, warm or sleepy.
Endorphins are chemicals released during orgasm, into one's spinal fluid that produces calming, pleasurable feelings. They are also known to help control the body's response to stress, determining one's mood.
Although there are many areas for sexual arousal, the clitoris is responsible for sexual climaxing. All orgasms are really extensions of sensation from this area. Penetration is not usually enough for a woman to have an orgasm. The clitoris is not always stimulated sufficiently in the conventional sexual positions, so couples need to utilize more creative positions to better help a woman obtain an orgasm. Lovemaking involves knowing what each partner needs to be satisfied. If there is no honesty by both partners the trust and intimate connection will usually begin to fade.
Some women achieve orgasm through sexual fantasies. While the stimulation is psychological the orgasm manifests itself physically. Letting go and allowing oneself to fantasize and really block out any distractions can help those who find it difficult to experience an orgasm.
Setting the mood is a great way for a woman to really relax and enjoy being pleasured. Candles and slow romantic music may sound like a cliché, but it can really create a more enticing atmosphere that can result in achieving the type of intimacy needed for many women.
A female orgasm is different with every woman. There is not a set of rules to follow when it comes to pleasing a woman. What feels good to one woman may not appeal to another. Sexual intimacy happens when the lovemaking is pleasing to both partners creating a harmony and closeness and a sense of trust between two people.

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8/26/2006 11:10 am

My orgasms are different with different men, too. All men do things differently, and are differently endowed, so the all push different buttons.
Sometimes, even with the same man, the orgasms can be different. Especially if it's the third or fourth one of the night. And tongues give different orgasms than penises or fingers, or vibrators.
All are good, and I don't want to miss out on any of the varieties.
The only thing that gives some women orgasms that turns me off is pain. No spankings, nipple clips, hot wax, etc., for THIS body!

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8/26/2006 11:25 am

Wow, I have the hardest time explaining that to some men. You are dead on of what a woman wants or needs. Awesome blog!! Hope you add more soon!

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8/26/2006 12:46 pm

BEAUTIFUL TATOOS! very pretty!

Hydragenias 56F

8/26/2006 12:47 pm

tattoos even,

Oh, and welcome to the blogs, make sure to stop by sometime and say Hi!

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