Wishing you was here..  

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7/28/2006 12:28 pm

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12/6/2006 9:32 pm

Wishing you was here..

As I sit here at my computer thoughts of you run though my mind..I sit here thinking about you & me,our last time that we were together.The touch,the feeling of your hands on my breasts.The warm feeling of your breath on my neck,feeling your tounge on my neck & the feeling of sexual desire coming over me & the more you touch me,the more I want you..
Thoughts of you in my dreams.Thoughts of you touching me in the way you can drive me wild for want & passion & desire for you.You know how to drive me wild just by the touch.As you move down to my breast as you lick & kiss my neck & I grab your cock in my hand & pull you to me,you whisper in my ear not yet baby.Soon enough you will have my cock inside of your tight,very wet pussy..
You tell me to lean back & enjoy your touch.I lean back & you move down to my belly button.You start to lick around it as you watch my belly twich as you lick it.I start to run my fingers though your hair & you work your way down to my clit.You spread my thighs open & start to lick & kiss my inner thighs.You see me arch my back in pleasure when you lick,kiss & nibble..
You work up to my clit & you spread my lips to lick it.I gasp for air when you licked me. Then you sucked on my swollen clit.Each time I feel your warm breath on my clit it drives me wild with desire of wanting you more & more.You look up at me with your beautiful eyes.That makes me want you so much more.You look at me with your grin & the passion in your eyes.
You touch my swollen clit & I gasp everytime for air.The more you licked & sucked on it the more you heard me beg you to finger my very wet & tight pussy.I wrap my leg around your head, pulling you closer,hoping that you would finger my pussy.I start moving my pussy up & down on your face.The more I did that the wetter I got.You whisper to me to cum baby cum.Cum all over your face.You have been needing it wanting it so badly.You go to stick 2 fingers in & I grab the back of the couch.Then you put another finger in,you start going in & out of my pussy.I start to mone,then you ask me what do I want you to do?I tell you to fist my tight little pussy.
You tell me in due time I will get what I want. I tell you that I want you to finger me. You go to but 4 fingers,then you pull your fingers out & lick them to taste my hot,wet pussy. Then you tell me I won't get your cock up inside of me until I squirt all over your face.You go to stick your fist up inside of me & you tell me that I am really tight. i tell you to fucking fist me! I have to have your touch,I want you up inside of me so bad that my body aches for your touch.
You see the want & desire to want more than you fisting me. I go to grab the back of the couch & you tell me not this time baby.
(more to come..)

lickity_flick 52M  
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8/24/2006 7:47 pm

Another wonderful story. I love the fisting part. Wonder how much you would squirt if I angled my fist upward so the pull stroke of my fist rubbed against your G-spot during each stroke, and your clit was trapped by my lips and sucked into my mouth with lots a suction. Once that swollen clit is trapped in between my lips, I'd flick it with my tongue real fast. Wonder what would happen next????

watchingyou2005 59M/59F  
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12/6/2006 7:39 pm

real nice story and hot photo

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