Sex slave (Part 1)  

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4/17/2006 9:03 am

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Sex slave (Part 1)

Let me just say this much I have very erotic dreams & fantacies & I write them down & go on with life.. I hope you enjoy these.. There are 5 parts to this one story or dream.. So sit back & enjoy this..

You think about meeting me,tying me to the bed spread eagle,then taking an ice cube & running it first over my left breast,watching my nipples pucker as the heat from my body turns the ice into water.The water slides down my breast,glistening my skin.
Next you turn to my right breast,circling my breast from the base up to the areola & then the nipple.You lean over & nibble on my stiffened nipple.
You then run some ice down my chest,around my stomach,over my hips,down the outside of my right leg.Across the sole of my foot,& then up the inside of my leg,over my calf & up my thigh.You bring your face closer to my pussy.Smelling the muskiness of my aready excited cunt.
You reach out your tongue & tickle my labia with it.Then you would take the ice & rub it up against my clit,parting my v-lips & running it inside them,teasing my clit with it.
You untie my right hand & tell me to play with myself.I hesitate,then slowly lower my hand,first to touch & caress my breasts, then sliding it down over my stomach to the top of my full untamed bush.
You look at me,my eyes partially closed,my lips slightly parted my tongue just on the edge of my lower lip. "Do it", you say to me."Do it or I won't fuck you."
I snake my hand through the thick patch of hair cup as much of my womanhood in my hand as I can.. I stroke your labium with my fingers,I use my forefinger riding over the ridges of my flesh..
Tentative @ first,I slowly part my v-lips exploring deeper into my moist flesh,my hips relaxing,inviting my fingers in as the idea of you watching catches fire inside of me.I circle my clit with my fingers,then work my fingers back & forth & then dancing around it by forming an eight.
"Yes",you say,your voice chocked with swelling desire.
You nod slightly & keep exploring,closing my eyes & turning away as my hips rise up from the bed.Bucking up once,twice,three tomes.
"Oh god!", I moan out."Oh god,ohhhhhh!Don't stop!!!"
I am about to cum.You see my muscles tighten.I try to catch your gaze,& half smile on your face.You reach out & grab my hand,pulling it away.
"Not yet,my pet",you say."You can only cum with my cock inside you.Your pussy pulling @ my cock ,begging for your cum.Until then,you are mine."
"Fuck me",I say to you."FUCK ME NOW!!!"
You smile a half smile,"In due time."

Part 2(coming soon..)

rm_cleve35tn 45M

4/17/2006 2:42 pm

very nice.

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