My lunch date today.  

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4/11/2006 10:08 pm

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My lunch date today.

Hello to you that are reading this.I had a GREAT day today.Let me tell you all about it.

Well I got up this morning & took a shower. This morning was not my usual morning.I got a call the day before from a friend.He asked me if I wanted to get together for lunch on Tuesday?I said sure.We talked for a bit & then he had to go.As much as I wanted him from the weekend of thinking about our last incounter we had.(By the way IT WAS GREAT babe.)I was hoping to hear from him over the weekend & I didn't hear from him.Well Monday came & I was hoping sometime in the day he would call me.
He called.We talked for a bit.He told me where to meet him for lunch.After we hung up I was wishing Tuesday was already here.But I had to have pations.I was so horny that I needed him so bad.He told me before we hung up not to play with myself.I told him ok.And I found myself going to bed & going to sleep.Sometime in the nite I was dreaming of him.I found myself touching my very swollen clit.It was very sesantive to my touch. I knew rite then that I was going have to wait the whole morning to be able to see him.I stopped playing with myself & went back to sleep.Around 10am the phone rang.It was you.You seemed to be very happy to day.I was just counting down to 1pm.We talked for a few minutes & then you had to go.
I got up at 11am started getting ready.I was so excited to see you.You had told me not to have anything on under my skirt.Not to have a bra on either.I did as you asked.It was 12pm.I started to walk out the door & I had to run back in for my cell phone.I had a funny feeling that you was going to call me soon.And 12:30 came & I was fixing to leave my house.The phone rang & it was you.You have the sweetest voice,I love to hear you talk.
You asked me what was I doing?I told you I was leaving to come & meet you for lunch.I asked you what you was doing,you laugh & said I'm working.I asked no playing?You laugh & said no,that will come in 30 minutes.I told you I can't wait.We chatted a couple of more minutes & we hung up.I was trying to get there on time.But not with granmaw driving.It seemed like I could not get there quick enough.All I know was I was so dam wet & wanted you in every way I could get you.
I finely got there & you was smiling at me.Like you had something up your sleeve.You got in & I got in the back with you.The first thing I wanted to do to you was kiss your sweet sexy lips.And I did.Then we sat there kissing for a couple of minutes or so.I started to unbutton my shirt.You leaned down to lick my nipple.You then sucked on it.
You reached down between my legs & found that I had no g-string on.You found out how hot & how wet I was.You started to play with my clit.It felt so good. But in the back of my mind I wanted you to lick it ,suck it & just fucking eat the hell out of my pussy.I wanted you to show me what you wanted from me & how badly you have been wanting my tight,wet & hot pussy. The more you played with my pussy,the more I wanted you.My breathing started to get heavier & heavier.
I grabed the seat.I started to mone.You told me to play with my nipples.I started to rub it.The more I rubbed my breast the more you got turned on.I'd open my eyes a couple of times to look at your eyes.You being in the sunglasses,I got even more turned on.I had to get comfortable.When I did that is when it really got more hitted.I scooted down torwards you & opened my legs up even more so you could see my bare shaved pussy.So if you wanted to just lick my clit then you could.But you kept right on rubbing my pussy & my clit.
You asked me what did I want you to do to me?I told you just having you playing with my pussy,you know how.You have that sweet soft touch that only you can make me cum like you do.I opened my eyes up & saw you licking your fingers.You started to tease my pussy.You suck your fingers in & rubbed my clit while fingering it.I started to breath heavier & heavier.
Before I knew it you was fucking me with your hand. I gasped for air & let out a load mone.You was affraid you was hurting me.I told you no it felt good.I looked at your face & I started to arch my back in pleasure.Before I knew it I started to squirt. I yelled out oh don,t stop!! I'm cumming.I squirted & I heard you get really excited & when I heard you,I squirted again. More & more.
You asked me to play with my clit.I did & I rubbed it so hard that I really squirted on my seat.I didn't stop with just one orgasum,I had a couple back to back.I came so hard on it that my body was shacking.You was so turned on by that.You saw that I can go past my point & keep on cumming.The more I touched & rubbed my clit the more I came & my body twitched.
I told you I wanted your hard cock in my pussy.I wanted you to fuck it.You pulled down your jeans.I saw that beautiful cock of yours,I just had to wrap my lips around it & put it my mouth on it.I heard you mone in pleasure.You told me to sit on it.I did & I started to ride your cock,faster & faster.You told me to hold on.You did not want to cum so soon.I knew it was getting close to time for you to go back to work.As much as I hated it.But I was going to make you happy.You had already made me very happy.
I stopped for a moment & then you put it back in to my pussy.I started to go up & down & alittle faster each time I went down.You told me you did not want to cum so soon.I whispered in your ear.Cum for me baby,you made me cum & now it is your turn.So cum inside of me baby.I fucked you a couple of more times & you could not hold it back anylonger.You moned out:Why do you do this to me everytime baby?I told you I want you to cum ,I want to make you happy.After cleaning up & sweeting my ass off I had to sit & rest a moment.We sat & talked.Then it was time for you to go back to work.I gave you a sweet kiss & told you call me later.I really enjoyed it.
I can say this much I was so relaxed today that I feel asleep waiting on my daughter to get off of work.All I can say is I wwould do it all over again.He makes me feel so good,so alive,so sexy,so wanted in more than 1 way.
All I can say baby is THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH..I really enjoyed it.Kisses to you..

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