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5/27/2006 4:05 pm

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Well it was on a Wednesday morning.I came downstairs to check my email.There it was..The email that I have been looking for,waiting on..

You had sent me a email that said I'm in town,want to see you so bad.Please met me at my motel/hotel at 2pm.I ran to get a shower & to get ready to met you.As I was getting ready the phone rang.I answered it..It was you..I was surprised..

You told me to be at your motel with something very sexy on,high heels & be hungry..I said yes. I can do that..I had 2 hours to be at your hotel. Then you called back 20 minutes later & told me that there was a room key at the front desk with your name on it waiting for me.

If I got there before you did to let myself in & make myself comfy..I said yes & then the phone went dead.I finished getting ready.It was 1:15pm & I went out the door to go to met you at the hotel.I get closer to the hotel & my heart starts racing,my thoughts start running wild & I start getting wet.I got to the hotel,go to the front desk.I get the key &go up to the room.You left me a note.In the note you tell me to take my g-string off.

I am in the elavator & I done took my g-string off,there was a older lady & man in there too.I could see him looking at me.We get off the same floor & go in opposite ways.I look back to just see if he was looking & he was..I laugh & turned back around & went to the room.I knocked first just to see if you was in there before I went in.

You came to the door.You just got there 10 mins before I did..You opened the door & asked me to come in.I did.I let my trench coat fall off of my lovely brown shoulders.As it fell to the floor,you pinned me up against the wall in the room & gave me the most passitionate kiss you ever gave any woman that you met.You start to rub my clit as you are kissing my neck.

I wrap my arms around you,as in to say don't stop.I whisper in your ear"I need a drink baby."You take my hand & in the room you have margaretas ready for me to drink,you are drinking beer.You tell me to sit & you pour me a glass & I sit down.You come over & kiss me & hand me the glass.I start to take a slip & you are kissing on my neck,working your way down to my harden nipples.It feels so good that I almost can't finish my drink.

I started to get a buzz going.You pour me another glass.You go back to what you was doing & that was licking on my harden nipple,you nibble on it to see my reaction & I just gasp for air when you did nibble.I run my nails threw your hair.I grab & push your head into my breast to say don't stop baby.After a few minutes,I started pushing your head down to my clit.You asked me did I want it?I told oh yes,I want to cum all over your face to the point both of us can't stand it anymore.I was begging you to lick my clit,to suck on my swollen harden clit.

You went to finger my pussy to see if I was as wet as you wondered,to your surprize i was almost dripping wet.That got you even more aroused.The more you licked my swollen clit,the more I was arching my back as in saying to you don't stop baby,please don't stop.The more you rubbed my clit,the more I moned out & ran my fingers through your hair& pulling your head more into my swollen,harden clit.Before I knew it,I exploded all over your face.Not once but twice,I started rubbing on your cock to my surprise you was rock hard.I could feel your cock throbbing in your pants.I told you to stop that I wanted to taste your cock,You stopped & you stood in front of me & I unbuttoned & unzipped your pants.

I reached into your pants & pulled out your cock,it was ready for my mouth to go around the head.You started rubbing my head,then wanting to fuck my mouth.I went to suck on your balls & you stopped me,you told me to turn around with my back to you,me bent over with my ass up in the air.You slid just the head of your cock into my hot,tight,dripping wet pussy.You started to tease me,asking me how bad did I want all of your cock deep inside of me?I told you all the way.I want to be your naughty sex slave.I was & would do what ever myMaster wants me to do.You reached for my hair & pulled me back to lick my neck,& you whispered in my ear & told me that no one else would ever tame your pussy like you do.

I told you no Master no one could ever tame it like you.You kept on teasing me with the head of your cock.I started to move back onto your cock to get it all inside of me.. Then you shove your cock deep into my dripping wet pussy,I gasp for air as it felt so good to me.I moned out in so much pleasure that I beg you to fuck me & don't stop.. You roll me over onto my back,& you put my legs up on your shoulders & you start fucking me.. Slowly at first & then you work up to faster to the point that I am begging you not to stop..Before I know it I yell out,OH DON'T STOP BABY!!!PLEASE MASTER DON'T STOP!! I'M CUMMING!!! By then you was ready to cum too.I tell you to fucking cum inside my pussy.. We both cum together...

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8/24/2006 7:41 pm

Wonderful story. Is it true, may I ask? I love being with a squirter. Esp. when she cums in my mouth. Care to chat some.

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8/25/2006 11:03 am

Well i don't know what to say but WOW!!!!

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