Getting used to how this works  

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2/1/2006 1:28 pm

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Getting used to how this works

It looks like you just have to keep putting stuff out there and see what happens. I spent some time reading other blogs yesterday and they are very fun and different. I really enjoyed getting to know about some of you folks. I particularly liked pet_ humility's site. She is a free spirit for sure. She has an uninhibited attitude about her wants and desires that I envy and can only hope to get to. I can write like that in my journal, but out here. It may take a while.

Anyway, I am wondering what kinds of things besides sex are most popular to put on the blog. I think it is suppose to be a diary of sorts, so in that case one might put down how they feel about not getting the sale they were working on or the new job they wanted, etc. Certainly not the weather or mundane things like that. Although it is nice here today with less wind than yesterday....oops, I digress. What about politics or religion, probably not a good idea. Well I guess that just leaves sex or the lack thereof.

So, for the record, it has been a little slow in that area (several years for a real relationship). A lot of my friends are lesbians, so that probably doesn't help. After all I couldn't bring a good looking girl to a party cause they might steel her from me. What a problem. Even thought they have always said they wouldn't do that, you never know.

Guess I'll go for now. Any suggestions on where to go for a hot date?

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