How I lost my virginity...  

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3/18/2006 6:09 pm

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How I lost my virginity...

I've been looking to hook up with a girl in my age range. Been looking around in the blogs and I found an interesting story on losing virginity, it inspired me to tell my story of how I lost my own. To this day it still makes me laugh a little

So I was best friends with this one girl in Junior high for a couple years before we started to get to a point where we would be interested in something more. It was the summer after 8th grade and we were talking on the phone for hours every day. One day we started talking dirty and she brought up that she was home alone and waiting for me to come over. I was only 14 at the time but I was ready to please. I told her to hold on and I would get their as fast as I could. The only problem being that I couldn't drive yet and I was about 5 miles away...

So I took a quick shower and ran out the door like I was in a race. I was so excited to go see her that I ran for a good portion of the way; Stopping only to catch my breath. I ran up steep hills and across freeways until I got to her house. I was nervous when I got there but too tired to care. I had started sweating and was a little worried it would turn her off, but I knocked anyway.

She answered the door and we started kissing, but it was obvious I still needed to catch my breath so we moved into the garage where she had a couch to sit on. She took out her brother's 'secret stash' of porno mags to show them to me. At that moment I knew I had to act soon so I leaned in. Just before we started kissing again we heard her parents pulling into the driveway! I ran out the side door and she showed me where to hide. I jumped the neighbors wall and waited for a few minutes while she said hello to her parents walking through her door. After she convinced them that everything was normal she escaped out the side to come back over to me.

Luckily her neighbors weren't home so we were able to continue the escapade. We started making out and she pulled her pants down a little so that I could see her well trimmed bush. She masturbated a little in front of me to show me how she liked to be touched and I fingered her in suit until she was very wet. She got excited and went down on me right there in the neighbor's side yard! I laid on my back and suddenly realized that there were ants on the ground and they were getting close...

I grabbed her and began to spread her legs, but before we could finish up the neighbors came home and pulled into their driveway! She and I quickly scrambled to get our clothes back on. She looked at me and whispered the best she could "run!" So while still pulling up my pants I ran through their backyard, hopped the fence and rolled down a hill to get out to the major street. I was under cover of some trees until I could zip up fully, but I made it. Nobody found out

Good thing too, her brother was kinda big and scary lookin!

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