Starting to get this figured out  

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7/7/2005 7:19 am

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Starting to get this figured out

Okay, so it looks like as a member of the "el-cheapo plan" Standard membership, there are times when I can see others' profiles and even send some emails. I've run across a number of interesting people, and an amazing number of women who seem to be in the same boat I'm in (with a partner not that into sex). Frankly, I've been surprised. I figured I'd be one of a million guys crying "boo hoo I don't get enough at home," and all the women would be too young for me, and single, and not wanting to deal with everything a discreet encounter would involve.

Granted, I AM one of many men with the "not getting it at home" story, and there ARE a lot of women out there who aren't interested or don't believe it...but there ARE quite a few like-minded souls. I just need to get in contact with one of them...and something tells me THAT will be the hard part. (well, not the ONLY "hard"

Next time AdultFriendFinder allows me to view profiles and send emails, I need to start being a lot more selective in the profiles I look at. I didn't realize at first how precious those views are!!!

Surely there's someone out there.

This whole thing is nerve-wracking, but exciting at the same time...

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