lookin4fun1818 29F/30F
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5/30/2006 11:43 am

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6/11/2006 7:13 pm


Ever need a fuck so bad that you could feel it? Well my baby has gone away for a few days and already I can feel my pussy aching for her toungue. I guess Ill just have to break out a toy two, I need some help oh why oh why is there no one to help? I need a fuck a good hard fuck and a lickin, I need to taste and feel a hard cock cum in my mouth and all over my face, thats what I need. Well Im in louisville ky and alone for a few days if any one can do somethin that quick let me know. God I need help

bflyer68 48M

5/30/2006 8:40 pm

I would love to help a woman in need. But I am busy until Friday May 2. Let me know if I can still help then.

guitarnick 33M
1 post
6/2/2006 10:20 am

You name where and when and I'll take care of ya.

rm_tikelme69 44M
1 post
6/2/2006 5:14 pm

It is Fri and I am ready just let me know where to go...if not maybe we will cross paths tonight as we both go out anyway and really share some hot passionate sweaty sex....

l0uisvillelust 30M
2 posts
6/4/2006 9:57 pm

id love to meet up with you two sometime. if you are interested email me, since i am a non-paying member.

rm_vrybg4u 32M
1 post
6/6/2006 12:06 am

Just shoot me an email... I can take care of the licking and the fucking anytime this week... the first couple times you cum will be under my tounge, then you will be wet enough to handle me...

paraticonplacer 63M
8 posts
6/6/2006 7:30 am

what will be of our life without a good time with someone making love?
If you need help, just write me back, I am standart member. I am more that happy to provide the help you need anytime.

junglejim47172 56M

6/7/2006 9:22 am

Well, it looks like I missed out on that one. *disapointed* I hear you about needing fucked. I just got divorced after 24 years and could use a couple of wild women to make me feel like a man again. If you ladies ever need someone to add a little extra somethin' to your love life. Check me out. My tongue don't stop till you're to sensitive to have one more lick or suck. I love threesomes, my "X" wasn't into... anything except missionary or doggy and only let me cum in her pussy. I live up in Sellersburg, so I'm not very far away for any future short notice get togethers. I hope to here from you sometime. I'm ready to get back into the life I had before I got married.


rm_turborsxs 35M
1 post
6/10/2006 1:57 pm

I am down to help you out anytime you want... just get ahold of me... briman187 at ya hoo

rm_ClassAct502 37M

6/12/2006 10:20 pm

I absolutely ADORE licking girls, and I imagine a lesbian pair would be able to share a few pointers and techniques with me. I also get along very well with the "weirdos" around town, including a number of gay people, among other bizarre characters. I short, I'd like to talk to one or both of you because you seem like the kind of open, free spirits that I like to spend time with. Drop me an email... I'm a standard member so I cant email you myself.

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