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lookin4AFunNight 34F
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11/7/2005 7:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

help me out here

ok fellas so heres the problem of the week. i have kind of started this new relationship with someone. he is a really cool guy. its obvious that he wants to have sex which is cool, but i dont know how or if i should tell him that i am kinda a freak in the bedroom, that i am not to into regular old sex, i dont want to lay on my back and do the min. i want to experiment. I want to tell him about my fantacies and the excitement AdultFriendFinder has brought to me. i want him to know that sex is a huge thing to me and that i would like a partner that is the same and wants to fuck like a jack rabbit. (ha ha ha) ok guys so what if i was your new girl. and u didnt know i was a member of this website, and i was to assume u werent either, would u want to know and would it freak you out? also i think its hot to watch porn with my partner be for and during sex, would that scare you? i need to know what u all think


jedievan935 33M

11/8/2005 12:28 pm

Well, since we're all on this site, I don't think it should freak any of us out that you're on here, or that you like to watch porn before and during sex, or that you want to experiment. So askng us probably won't give the most telling answers. I think if you start out telling him that you want to experiment and you're not into ordinary sex, most guys will be intrigued and turned on. If he seems hesitant when you mention that than he won't cope too well with the fact that you're on AdultFriendFinder. On the other hand, if he seems excited and interested then you'll have a willing partner. At some point, if you continue to see him, you'll need to tell him you're on AdultFriendFinder. The sooner the better, because keeping secrets is destructive (even in a casual relationship). Hopefully he'll be understanding and interested in helping you experiment. Good luck.

rm_jkc_0621 37

11/9/2005 5:50 am

lookin4AFunNight, I think you should just tell him. I know that if you were my girl I would want to know up front instead of later so that way there would be know surprises. If you tell him and he freaks then you are better off with out him anyways cause then you would be settling for less then what you want.

rm_longsilky1 50M
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11/10/2005 5:42 pm

A cool way to approach it is to get him to just sit down on a bed or coach. Do a little naughty dance for him (strip). He will be passive while you do this. Then just do not let the intiative pass to him. Unzip his pants suck him up and go for a ride. He will be a little shocked but if he does not like it, do it for me LOL

surfingmike69 55M

12/23/2005 11:37 am

You sound like a lot of fun to me!
Lets hook up and get nasty

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