The Loving Uncle!  

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6/13/2006 5:26 pm

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The Loving Uncle!

My Family had a lot of friends some of those friends they have known for a long time. There was one friend that they would have us kids call Uncle Sandie. He would come over to the house from time to time. The boy's in the family he realy didn't care about. It was us girls that he paid most of his attention too! He would bring us treats and treat us speacial. My parents had No idea what was going on right under their noses!
It all started one day when Uncle Sandie came over to visit. I forget how old us girls were at the time,maybe age's 6 to 11 years old. My oldest sister being 11. He'd pick out one of us girls on each of his visits to have special time with him. On this day I remember him asking me to climb on his lap and sit on him. He would rock me back and forth causing a slight slidding motion on his pants,and then began to bounce me lightly up and down. I felt something hard on my butt area as I came back down during the bouncing. He took his hands and put them on each side of my hips and he slid my butt from side to side. He wisperd in my ear saying,"Feel that?" Your making Uncle Sandie feel good. You like Uncle Sandie don't you? Uncle Sandie realy likes you and your special to me! I told him that I liked him and I like it when he treats me special. As I sat there on his lap at the family dinning table, he moved his hand under the table where nobody could see what he was doing. He moved his hand under my dress and started rubbing me between my legs. He wispered in my ear again saying,"Your little pussy is all moist and wet for your Uncle Sandie." I want to make you feel realy special today! And after he said this he started moving his fingers, slidding them though the side of my panties he began to rub my pussy area. Spreading the lips open slidding his finger up and down on my clit. He slowly moved his fingers down to my little lip area and started rubbing the outside getting it ready for his finger to penetrate me. He began to slowly bounce me again on his lap and as he did so he slid his finger into my pussy piercing it. Every time I came down on him,his finger would push back up inside me. I felt his dick getting hard again as I came down from bouncing. I was riding a horse,a finger horse. This would go on for a little bit and then he would let me off his lap. I started liking the special treatment that Uncle Sandie would give me. He would kiss me on the mouth as he left and saying. "thanks for being Uncle Sandies Special Girl Today!"
One day he came over and my parents were gone. We let him in the house. He was our Uncle! This day would prove to be a different day with Uncle Sandie. It started out pretty much like every other times he would pick me out to be special to. This day he sat in a big chair and I saw him do something to his pants before calling me over to him. I didn't know what he did but I would soon find out. He asked me to come and sit on his lap just like all the other times. So I did what he asked. He wispered in my ear saying, "Today is a very special day for you and your Uncle Sandie. And you can't say anything to your other sisters or to your Mom and Dad. This is just between you and me,you uncle Sandie."
He started slidding me all around his lap pressing down on me hard so the slidding would be harder on him. I started feeling that hard thing again but this time it was between my legs as I straddled him. I felt it pressing up agains my panties. He wispered again saying I can feel your moist little pussy again. Its excited about this special day isn't it? He slipped his hand under my dress again moving my panties aside he fingered my pussy area slidding it up and down and then around the opening of my pussy. He said, "Your little pussy is realy wet,I'm going to check it out with my finger. So he put his finger into my wet moist pussy and he moved it around and started moving it in and out of me. He started to bounce me up and down on him again but then something happened! He moved my panties over and he took that hard thing and he put it at the opening of my pussy and as I came down it pierced my pussy. I let out a scream and he put his hand over my mouth and said that,the pain would go away with every bounce,so he bounced me more. He told me that I was making him happy and that I was his favorite. As he bounced me he would rub my little tities making my nipple come out. I developed rather early and so he liked my little tities. He bounced me on his lap until his cream came out. He had me sit still on his lap until he was all done. He lifted me off and got up and zipped up his pants he then told me that I could go and play outside.
All us girls received a silver Beaver from him and he called us. "His Little Beavers".

suntrel1000 36M

7/20/2006 8:54 am

hey that was a very interesting story was that all or was there more

lookers100 57M/56F
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11/9/2006 2:23 pm

Sorry that it has taken me so long in responding to your comment. Yes there was more. This went on for several years, but each of us never knew that the other was a special Beaver until we were much older.
Our family moved away from the area into another state and when I was 15 years old he came and visited and I had just gotten my ears done,my older sister wasn't home and I was with him alone and I had blocked out all that he had done to me when I was younger. He tried to get me to make out with him and show him how I kiss boys and if I would put my tongue in his mouth. I told him, "NO" and I managed to close the bathroom door and told him to leave. He left and when my father came home I told him what he was trying to get me to do with him and he asked him never to come back again. This man even offered my father a jet plain and my father turned him down. I/we have never heard from the man again.

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2/28/2012 7:58 pm

You should have complained ... still time

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