My First 3 sum!  

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5/15/2006 4:53 pm

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My First 3 sum!

We are a couple,him 46 and I 46. Sense we have been together for 2 years his fantasy is to see me get fucked by a black man with a good size dick, while he either watches or plays along. It has taken me a while to get used to the idea. In December my boyfriend asked me to marry him and I thought that, that would be the end of talking about us doing a 3 sum and me getting fucked by a black guy. But it hasn't. He brings it up now and then so it makes me feel bad that I am not making him happy by not doing this for him. So I consented finally in doing this for him. All kinds of things were going threw my head. And how I am going to feel about myself when I do finally go threw with it. So one day I said okay, lets do it. This one guy was interested in fucking me and we talked maybe once or twice and we met at a motel and it did not go like I thought it would go. When we got into our room he went pee first and then he turned on the t.v. That is a total turn off for me. And then all the lights were on and shinning in my eyes which was another turn off for me. But this was my first time, it wasn't my boyfriends first time. He has had one 3 sum with his ex-wife before. But he has never done it like this before or with someone he really loves. My boyfriend started me off by kissing me and I was nervous. The other man began to take off my pants and panties and he spread my legs and barley began to touch me thinking that, that would turn me on some how,"Not" My boyfriend began to suck on my nipples and started nibbling on them making my pussy all wet. The black man was already hard and he put on a condom and he entered me and began to fuck me softly. I asked him to fuck me harder but he didn't. He was taking it easy on me, I guess it was because it was my first time with a black man and he said he had a size 9 inch cock. But when he began to fuck me it didn't feel like it. I could take it and more, but it just wasn't there. I maybe came once or twice but my pussy was to tight for him. My pussy muscle squeezed his cock so hard that he couldn't help but cum with-in 15 minutes of fucking. I like to get fucked and sometimes fucked hard and I like to go and go for hours. I love having orgasms multiple times. Sometimes I can't stop them from coming. They get really intense sometimes too that I nearly pass out. But I was hoping that it would have been like that but it wasn't. When he came I didn't even know he came. He showed no emotions of doing so. After he came my boyfriend had me suck his cock for a little bit.They repositioned me and I sucked on my mans cock while the other guy give me oral sex, Which he barley touched my clit. It was as if he didn't want to touch me or was afraid of something. Then I started sucking on the other guy's cock and he could not believe how good I could suck his cock. He did say that I was the first woman that he has been with that could take his cock all the way. That did make me feel good. So I sucked his cock for a few and he got hard again and wanted to fuck me again but when he went to put the condom on he went limp. I did this several times and every time he tried to put the condom on to fuck me, his cock would not perform. He was blaming it on the condom. I feel he just wanted to fuck me without a condom and no way was that going to happen. So he gave up and he put his clothes on and said that he would be back later and asked how long were we going to stay at the motel. We told him for only about another hour or two. So he said he would be back and he left. After he left my boyfriend fucked me for a while and it was great. He came and we washed up and we went across the street to get something to eat. We could see the motel from where we were at so we could see if he came back. We were their for about an hour or so and never saw him come back to the motel. So we said so much for that 3 sum. I was disappointed for it being my first time and all. When we got home we got an e-mail from him and he said that he came back to the motel room at around 2, but we were at the rest. eating and we would have seen him if he did. He also said that he tried calling the cell phone. We had it with us and it was on. We didn't get any phone call. So we called it on him and we sent him an e-mail asking him how he liked it and he could just respond by saying that he loved me sucking his cock, and that was it. Now I am wanting to do it again with hopes that the next time will be what I am wanting and what my boyfriend is wanting for me.

SirMounts 102M

5/16/2006 8:14 am

Well, how does one get good at anything? Practice, practice, practice. *wink*
Welcome to blogging, lookers. *smiling*

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