Life becomes simple  

looken4sumfun2 54M
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9/6/2005 7:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life becomes simple

winter is just around the corner,
stacks of wood
outline the edges
the air has become cool and crisp...
the day was long
yet, many tasks completed,
as darkness falls
and the peepers fill the night with song...
a time to relax,
noticing the stars
as they peek through the trees above,
to think of you and smile...

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

9/6/2005 6:32 pm

If you had been given a paintbrush and palette ... this picture you've painted could not be more soothing to the soul ... wonderful !

pussnboots694 73M/78F

9/6/2005 8:49 pm

As we gaze upon the same stars..
The beauty of nature..
The chill of the wind touches my face
through the darkness..
I pull up my collar..
A warmth washes over me..
Your touches upon my soul..
Always make me smile..
Thank you this is simply beautiful..
Simply you

looken4sumfun2 54M

9/7/2005 6:56 am

Hello Huntress,

Actually, I do paint on occasion. Especially when I'm inspired by something or someone...

looken4sumfun2 54M

9/7/2005 6:59 am

Ms Boots,

You are always a source of inspiration!!

looken4sumfun2 54M

9/8/2005 7:36 am

Ahh, my Belle,

I've missed you! Thanks for the warm hugs and kisses!!

looken4sumfun2 54M

9/8/2005 1:36 pm


Now, you know how I love to lucubrate...especially about three lovely ladies!!

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