dreamin 3  

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9/7/2006 5:04 am

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dreamin 3

in "my house" nudity is not allowed
at least out in the light of day
i never have been able to understand
why darkness is needed to cover
what is so beautiful so perfect
a naked body, beauty in motion

i had emailed her telling her
i needed to be naked before her eyes
vulnurable naked on the couch with her
i was here, my desire, my dream
was now, here, at hand, real
my mind kicked in gear, 1st gear

i reached down to pull off my pants
they feel to my feet as i
clumsily removed my shoes then socks
then off came my pants
i wasted no time and off came my shirt
then boxers, clothes flying to the floor

she just sat there calmly watching
i think enjoying it all, smiling at me
naked, i was totally naked except for
my necklace and my glasses to see!
oh what a feeling, a flash it was
my own dance i was doing now

my dream had come true now
naked in the light of day
a woman, my intimate tender friend
feasting her eyes on my body
as i squirmed and touched my chest
stretched and rolled my head

i put a knee on the back of the couch
my other leg and foot on the floor
my legs spread now facing toward her
i was half erect, my low hanging balls
against the fabric of the couch
we paused as our eyes meet again

we both looked at my body
our eyes moving all over
my hands following my eyes
wow touching myself feels good
i rarely get these chances
it is! a nice shaped body

others have told me this
while fully clothed that is
my penis has now become erect
i pulled my right knee up now
she reached over and touched
my erection so gently so softly

it was as if she was trying to see
how lightly she could touch me
but i dont think she was trying
it was just her touch after years
three long years of no sex
even in her husbands last years

it was if she was rediscovering
i was thrilled by her touch
she rubbed the back of her hand
against my erect shaft then fingers
her finger tips traveled slowly
from head to my relaxed big full balls

my balls were shaved as always
left over from when i had my vasectomy
never got out of the habit of shaving
my cock hair now growing out from when
i had it waxed for the summer, tingles
and chemicals filled my body and brain

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