What is really good?  

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2/16/2006 7:20 am

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What is really good?

WE have, over the past year or so, been searching for the perfect freak-- so to speak. We have entertained quite a few young ladies. Now, if it isn't clear by the profile; We are a COUPLE. WE have experienced living together with a 'third' on at least two occasions. Once, we even had a steady for a little while. Being in the ATLANTA, GA metro area, we encounter quite a few open individuals of the bi/bi-curious persuasion. Yet, when the proposition of 'joining our club' is mentioned, folk get funny. All of a sudden it's about monogamy? They are just interested in one party or the other. More often than not, the chix just want the dick. What's that all about? Understand, we believe that a multiple partner relationship is something that can be achieved and accomplished with relative ease. It is an arrangement that can be quite beneficial. Especially in these days and times where we all could use a little help. Y'knowwhat'msayin? Does that make any sense? The idea of working together with another sista seems to cause an allergic reaction of sorts. Seems to be an issue. Don't dig it, don't get it. People are selfish ( i know that's not a new revelation). Instead of trying to open up to the situation they would close themselves off --apparently still wondering what could've been. We would still get calls and occasional visits by some of these same people. I Guess the ultimate goal is to live life and be free. The life that u/we have in mind. We know what we want. Just don't know exactly how to get it. Time invested? Yes--not a problem. But, no one in this union is to thrilled about the idea of having to purchase another partner. Feel me? Ain't nobody trying to be a pimp. Still in all, no one has been receptive to building a relationship. The thrill is all good -- the potential to be spoiled is sought, and they try and see what they can get--without being open to give much more than some good head.

That's our #1 and done. Until next time.

Peace & Love
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sassybelle21 32F
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2/16/2006 9:37 am

Hopefully you'll find polygamy soon

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