Erotic Fiction: Sunspots  

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Erotic Fiction: Sunspots

Time for a change of pace.

We lie curled in the sunspot, spooned together in a warm daze, the sun gently leaching the energy from our bodies. Your naked back is pressed against my chest, and I can feel the soft hair on the back of your neck against my cheek.

We both lie warm and cosy, our breathing deep and slow. We both slowly begin to stir a little, and my arms tighten around you slightly as you push softly back into my chest. My lips gently brush the hairline on the back of your neck, and we both turn a little and stretch out, muscles straining and stretching in the sun, before we relax again and fall back together, gently snuggling our bodies closer to each other. I can feel your skin against mine, and I suddenly notice how soft and warm it is against my own. My breath teases your ear and neck as I sigh and pull you closer, and we both relax again and sink back into sun-drenched slumber.

Soon, the warmth of the sun and your body begin to penetrate mine further, and I slide towards wakefulness, as with immensely ponderous slowness I become aware of the scent of your hair, the feel of your skin against mine, the gentle movement of your breathing, speeding up slowly as you too slip towards consciousness. My hands slide across your side and down your stomach as my lips gently graze the ridge of your shoulder. I can feel you push back against me again, your legs pulling up a little so that our bodies cup closer together.

Now we doze a little again, our bodies cradled against each other, your back firm but soft against my chest, your thighs against mine, my stomach against your lower back. So close, our breathing now makes us move very gently against each other with each breath. Slowly, ever so slowly... So slowly that neither of us wake from our half doze, our breathing deepens as a soft glow of excitement begins to build far beneath the surface.

With each deeper breath, we move a little more against each other. We wake a little more, still not even half-way there, and slide our hands sleepily onto the other's body, your hand across my thigh, mine sliding down to gently cup your breast. We lie still again, both leaning slightly inwards, my cheek against your neck and my breath warm against the sensitive skin beneath your ear.
Our breathing deepens further, and I can feel your nipple hardening slowly against my palm, the tips of my fingers gently caress your breast as I feel your hand brush my thigh.

Slowly, sleepily, we caress and hold each other, caresses with the tips of our fingers, soft sleepy brushes, deeper breaths of lazy excitement.
I can feel myself start to harden against the soft flesh of your thighs, my cock beginning to rise and push against you. I can feel you move a little, pressing your soft sensuous arse back against me, exciting me and yourself further..
Still lying in sun-drenched laziness, I slip my hand down and gently begin to run my fingertips across your stomach and thighs, circling and teasing in time with our still deepening breathing. Your hand moves more against my thigh now, pulling me a little against you, your head stretching back so that my nose and lips brush across your neck and your ear, my breath hot on your skin. I can hear your breathing now, and my own, both of us gently wriggling against each other, lazily touching with a steadily increasing excitement, but so totally drained of energy by the sun that we cannot do more than just move, and touch each other. My hand slides down further, and you can feel it gently slipping across your pussy, as I feel yours slip between us, your fingers gently curling around the end of my cock. My fingertips tease your lips and clitoris, and I hear your breathing catch, and deepen again, your hand gently squeezing me as my fingertips circle your clit, sliding down into the growing dampness beween your legs, then back up to tantalize you again and again.

Still unable to move, but steadily growing in arousal, we touch and squeeze each other, my lips now brushing and tugging on your ear, both our breathing catching, sighing and moaning softly against each other. You raise your leg, and pull me closer, and I can feel the hot, soft wetness of your pussy against the top of my cock, hardening still more against your soft flesh. You slowly guide the end in, and we both relax again for a moment, before I begin to ever so slowly and gently push, just the tip of my cock slipping in and out of you, a little deeper each time, the raw heat of your body making me moan gently as we push harder into each other, my cock slipping deeper and deeper into you, filling you so totally that you are certain that you cannot take any more, when you feel my hips touch your thighs, and we both relax again, feeling the sensations of our bodies touching and my cock held as deep inside you as is possible.

Slowly, I begin to move, thrusting slowly into you, each stroke sending building levels of pleasure and excitement through us both, lazily moving our bodies together, then apart a little, then together again. My fingertips still move gently across your clit as I push deeper into you, my lips hot against your neck, both of us waking further now, pushing harder against each other, the sensation of my naked cock deep in your hot wet pussy is incredible, and I can feel the sensations rising in intensity. Both our eyes closed in the sun, we can nevertheless each feel the excitement of the other, in the deep rough breathing, the touch of our hands, my lips on your neck, your pussy squeezing my cock harder, as I push into you faster now, both of us beginning to push back harder against each other, both our breathing catching and starting as the pleasure builds more and more rapidly now.. My fingertips begin to press harder against your clit, moving to caress your thighs and back again, as my cock pushes deeper, our bodies both moving hard against each other.. I hear a moan of pleasure escape your lips, and it's partner my own, as we both spiral further into the realms of pleasure, pushing harder and faster into your body, until I hear you gasp and your shoulders push back against me, your pussy suddenly clamps tight around my cock as I push deep inside, and I am totally unable to control myself any longer, my cock buried deep inside your spasming pussy, I can feel fire race up my spine and I moan as my cock begins to jerk inside you, as we both lose ourselves in shaking orgasm...

And we both relax, I still held deep inside you, my arms move to wrap you again, and we both drift back to sleep again, warmed by the sun and each other.

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