Erotic Fiction: Close your eyes....  

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5/30/2006 8:43 am

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Erotic Fiction: Close your eyes....

You sit back on the couch, prepared only for a relaxed evening at home alone. You drink a glass of red wine and relax into the couch, your eyes gently closing as you relax your shoulders from the tension of work. Feeling better already, you sigh & begin to let your imagination free - after all, you've been hard at work, psychologically molesting your email lovers all day.

You smile as you remember all the things that you e-did to them today, the men and women you seem to have such power over. You sigh and begin to run the fantasies of the day through your head, the fantasies that you so tormented those others with... You remember the shower, the couch, the leather, PVC and straps, the imagination of flesh on flesh.

What the hell, you decide, I'm alone, and your hands slide down and begin to gently rub your thighs as you think about how hot you got your electronic lovers, how excited they were by the glimpses of your sexual imagination that you allowed them to see... Your breathing heavier, eyes tight shut, and you feel familiar hands through your hair, jolting you with sudden shock. Not alone after all, as I run my hands down to your shoulders, my lips against your cheek, my breath hot against your neck, heated by the excitement you yourself gave me.

You smile, and open your eyes just in time to see a blindfold cover them, pulling tight as it blots out any hope of vision.

Wait, you think.. his hands ARE on my shoulders... and then you feel smaller hands slipping across your breasts, fingertips brushing your rapidly hardening nipples, small shocks of pleasure racing through you, and a moan escapes your lips as you hear a delicate female chuckle.. And you realise that now is payback... My fingernails scratch down your neck and back, as her lips tease yours gently, her hands touching your body. I slide down behind you on the couch, my hands catching yours from your lap, and you can feel cool fabric wrap your wrists as she ties them tightly.. Her lips begin to torment your neck, her hands stretching your bound hands above your head. You can feel my cock hard against your back as one hand slips around to cup your breast and torment your aching erect nipple, while my other hand slips down beneath your panties, my fingertips rough against the soft sensitive skin of your pussy, dipping into the wetness and pulling back to gently circle your swollen clitoris.

Her lips ravage one ear as mine do the other, and you cannot help but allow a moan to escape, your breathing ragged now with lust and desire. You try to free your hands, but the scarf around them is too tight.. You feel yourself being laid down on your back, your hands being tied to the end of the couch, held blind and immobile before the lust that you yourself ignited. You feel my lips against your face and neck, my fingers undoing your shirt to free your breasts, as she slips your skirt off.

You feel hot kisses and nibbles begin to land upon your breasts, thighs, feet, arms, hands, ears, until you can't tell whose hands are whose anymore, or whose lips are whose. Groaning and writhing with lust and excitement, you feel hands tugging your panties off, then gentle kisses from two mouths against your hips, two tongues hot and slippery against your pelvis. Four hands torment your breasts, neck, stomach, arse and back as both of us go down on you, tongues flicking into your wet body, lips pulling and sucking your clit, harder and faster until you cannot bear any more, moaning and thrusting your hips forwards against the stimulation you cannot even see, both tongues and four hands frantic against your body, until what begins as a moan from deep in your stomach builds into a fireball burning brighter and hotter inside your pussy, fragments of heat racing along your veins, ecstasy building under this multiple torment until you can bear it no longer and scream as you orgasm, muscles spasming uncontrollably as we make you cum again and again.. Until finally your body relaxes. You realise your hands are untied and reach up to remove your blindfold.. But it's already gone. And so are we.

longtallandcute 42M
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5/31/2006 5:33 am

    Quoting rm_bunnymiff:
    Short, sweet and oh so hot. Makes you wonder if her imagination was working overtime?!
Glad you ... enjoyed ... it!

I've said it before... imagination can be the sexiest thing in the universe.

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