Dancing in the Dark: Part II  

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5/16/2006 10:59 pm

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Dancing in the Dark: Part II

The air is hot and heavy. As if we're dancing underwater, the encompassing beat rolling through everything, throbbing through the air, the crowd, our bodies.

The beat rolls through, the crowd moves, our bodies touch. Your eyes on mine, you move back, your hand slides down to mine as you draw me between the swaying bodies of the other dancers. We slip through the smoke and the lights, snaking our way through the crowd.

We step into the corner, a gap between the wall and a rise of seats. Your hands slide around me, fingernails tracing my back, pulling our hungry mouths together. You lean back against the wall, pulling our bodies together. Your breath is hot on my neck, your fingers dig into my back. I can feel your breasts pressing against me, our thighs brush. My breath and lips tease your ear, my hands pressing against the rough wall. I feel your teeth graze my neck, hot breath and soft lips.

I press against you harder, pushing you against the wall. Your hands tighten on my hips, pulling me against you again and again. Your hair smells sweet as I run my lips around your ear, my tongue gently teasing across the outside, my breath hot against your skin. You kiss my chest and shoulder, I can feel your teeth through my shirt as you nip at my shoulder, biting my chest. My hands slide down to your back, fingernails tracing down to your waist. Our hips push together, your breath hot through my shirt, my hands slip under your shirt and slide over the skin of your back. Your hands reach up to my shoulders, nails scratching down my back, harder now. My skin on fire behind your touch.

You slide one leg up, hooking my thigh and pulling our hips together. I can feel your heat through our clothing as the beat thrusts us together. I press your head to the side with my face as my lips fall to you neck, biting softly. I can feel you shudder against me with each nip, pressing against me harder and harder. I slide one hand over your lower back, pulling you against me, feeling your hips roll into me with each push, with each beat. My other hand slides over your thigh, pressing against your leg through your clothing. My fingers slide over your rear, my hand gliding back down your thigh, my fingertips graze your inner thigh. You pull me against you harder, our faces touching cheek to cheek as we grind together. Our lips graze, then touch, tongues teasing each other. Our bodies press together harder, desperately pushing together, the beat driving lust higher, hotter with each heavy, throbbing pulse.

My hands move over your body, touching your hips, your sides, your shoulders and running across your breasts. I moan as your mouth finds my neck again, kissing, licking, biting, sucking. I put out one hand against the stand of seats to balance as your hands and mouth caress me. You draw back slightly, leaning on the wall, your fingernails trace long, slow lines of pleasure down my chest, your breath heavy, your leg locking our hips together, looking deep into each other's eyes, the beat rolling your hips against me.

To be continued in Part III

longtallandcute 41M
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5/30/2006 3:47 am

Glad you like it, but I do my best not to hurry!

Y'know.. da laydeez complain a bit if I hurry too much..

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