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1/22/2006 2:06 pm

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Well, my membership is up on wed. and I'm not renewing. I will probably continue to visit the site, but not going to put an effort into it anymore. I mean, you gotta pay to be a member, fine, then they want to you pay to allow standard members to contact you. I understand theres probably an abundance of males on this site, and theres some cheap people that try to get what they can for free. If I contact a standard member though, they should be allowed to contact me back though. I dont know, maybe that woulda gave me alittle more of an advantage to meeting more people. But...other than auto responses, I think in my month I got like 3 actual messages, and they were from the same person! Who, I havent heard anything since?
I did have 2 responses from my blogs, which I was shocked that anyone actually reads these things
I also got introuble this week, I guess trying to be clever and putting hidden messages in my profile as far as how to contact me directly, so they turned my account off til I emailed them, then they restored it, but deleted screen names outta my profile, so it really looked stoopid and made no sense. I don't know. It was pretty silly of me I guess to do it, but, profiles get reviewed befor they are updated. Thats fine, but if something like that happens, just dont update the profile, and send a message that says updated profile was denied. Dont turn off the account and make me email.
So anyway, I cant see paying for this site anymore.

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1/22/2006 3:50 pm

If you are a paid member and you contact someone who is a standard member, they have the access to contact you back. It doesnt matter if they are standard. Everyone has a few viewing privileges as a standard member but when they are used up the idea is to get people to view your profile in order to get views. If you got no response from a standard member it wasnt because they couldnt write you back they just didnt want too.

Granted this site is a little iffy at times but its the people you are trying to contact who is more iffy.

Good luck to you..

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