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3/14/2006 7:31 pm
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I am 6"1 and weigh 185 lbs. 100% puerto rican so I have that latino flava. Not that it matters I assume. When can you say "Enough already." I'm a simple guy, nice (too nice as I've been told) and would like to meet someone that I like and that likes me. Even something like in the movies where two people meet and it goes bad or good but ends up perfect. I guess that is why they are movies. it is all fantasy. That will never be in real life. You cannot tell a girl "i like you" or how you feel because for me it was just thrown in my face. So if you want to respond send me a message. If you want to respond so you can send a link to a web cam don't. I paid for this service and that is enough. I just want to me some REAL girls (women). For a relationship, friends with benefits, it does not matter. I left where I was to feel fullfilled and now I'm here and I feel a gap. I would like someone to share my fullfillment with but I don't have a BMW or live deep in the city or have a townhouse. But I guess trying to get all that just wastes away time. I'm probably wasting yours so if you read this thanks. If there is someone out there for me I do not think I will find them. Who knows I guess right. Nice guys do finish last huh.

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