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12/20/2005 9:32 pm

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First blog

Um hm (clearing my throat),

Testing, this thing on?


Well, welcome to D-LongDarkKnights blog. Here, I will jot the occasional random entry for the world to see and lay judgement upon.

What the hell right?

So, let me ask a question right off the bat?

What the hell does discrete mean around here? So many women and men are "cheating" in their that what discrete means? (Of course I thought it was called ADULTRY or just CHEATING - but I can learn the language of the locals for sure - I just want to understand!)

In my sorrid past (check my purity scores), discrete meant like a professional encounter. None of that stalking, sneaking around, back door, kinda stuff I have heard about in some areas.

If someone was meeting me for a discrete encounter, we would decide on a time and place, meet there, but not together walking in the door at the same time. We would do what we came there to do, for as long as we had agreed we would do it, meeting all the needs we agreed needed to be met, and leave, seperately, but mutually satisfied, perhaps, never to cross paths again. Names? What is in a name?

What does discrete mean to you?

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