All about me...  

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10/16/2005 9:50 pm

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All about me...

Whee, blogging is fun. What the hell, do an entry about me.

Lessee.. at the moment I'm drunk. While the conservative types might see this as a negative, I regard it as a positive. Most all of the fun that I've had in my life was had when I was shit-faced - and after a few beers and a whiskey or two my inhibitions (what little of them I have to begin with) go right out the window.

This is an adult website, so I'll put it into adult terms:

I am a single father, and I love my kids to death. I have been married, badly, to two women who had nothing in common with me beyond their love of sex. The problem with marrying for sex is, sooner or later the thrill wears off. I don't regret it, because I got the kids out of it and they are the high point of my life.

But I still love sex. My inner perv says:

I have a good-sized cock. I love pleasuring my partner, whomsoever that may be, more than I care about my own pleasure. To that end I have spent my lifetime learning how to make other people feel good and get off. I am very, VERY good at it. I like kink. I am an exhibitionist. I will show off or do anything in front of ANYBODY. I love pussy, the smell of it, the taste of it, making it twitch, dance, and come. I like showing pics of myself to people. I like the thrill of being BAD. My ultimate fantasy is to get touched, stroked, and then masturbate for a total stranger or a room FULL of strangers.

I will try anything once, more than once if it was fun. I have already tried about everything, and am willing to go back for more. New = fun. I live for getting others off and shooting cum in the dark in strange and unfamiliar circumstances. I love swapping pics, seeing new and wonderful nudity.

Bring it ON.

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