Let's do some male bashing  

long_short_time 56M
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7/27/2006 6:11 pm
Let's do some male bashing

I'm not really into the male macho thing and usually very sincere portraying my most sensitive side in all my endeavors whether it be business or humanistic orientated. I recently chatted with a young lady that humored me with her singular attribute of giving good oral sex; Wow, what phenomenal lesson, learned at a youthful age... I didn't have the time to amuse her adolescences and cut her off immediately. It has though come to light that there are several men out there in serious trouble, whether or not it is being instigated by whom, some of you really need to grow up. Males show their IQ, grasping their tool as if it were the only important attribute they have to give to society... I'm sure a display that brightens every ladies eyes; mostly with discuss... Men - a women looking for sex, extra marital affair, etc... damm sure doesn't want her love box ripped apart, surely identifying to her mate someone else has been there bigger and thicker than they are - let it be surprise. A women is still a women - treat her with care and respect...
Men - if your mate in holy matrimony is wanting you to fulfill her pleasures with the company of another man - do yourself and her a favor - spend all your assets - buy new vehicles for the both of you - morage the house - hide funds secretly - give away the animals - and KICK THE BITCH TO THE CURB. (GET SOME BALLS) I've got the smallest penis (not in the habit of measuring though)in the world and am proud of my tool; lived in 12 countries and have enjoyed to many great experiences. You want to find a beautiful wife that's uninhibited, worldly unspoiled, not to impressed with worldly items, willing to give you the most outstanding sex (as if the world is going to end the very next day) then - get a job - save some cash and browse Russia. If your looking more towards subservience and dedication to the family and home; will clean your house meticulously, stay at home and not whine, instill love and a place of belonging to your children, probably hasn't had more than 4 partners in her entire life (many virgin at 40 - guaranteed)and will cook like no tomorrow then - save your money and browse Asian.

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