The best girl I ever met - Part 1  

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6/2/2005 10:48 am

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The best girl I ever met - Part 1

I found once a raft
Made of seven sticks
Of the fairest, daintiest, cutest twigs

For her mast she had
The proudest yet
And her sails came forth
From the finest cloth

She was bound together
With ribbons and strings
What a sight to behold
She was truly something

She'd catch the wind in her sails
When I held her in my hands
And one day she softly said
"I'd like to see Distant Lands"

She was made for adventure
I knew she had to go
Though I loved my precious raft
Oh how I loved her so

So on a moonlit night
I gently set
My pretty raft
At the water's edge

When my dear little raft
Tried to sail out to sea
The tide came in
And brought her back to me

I scooped her joyfully
With my open hands
But I knew she'd set her sights
On those Distant Lands

I craddled her in my arms
Whispered, "Shhh, do not fear"
Then I held her close to my heart
And waded into the water

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