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7/25/2006 11:15 am

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panic in hot springs,,not really,,i was the only one disturbed at 3:30 am when the internet went down ,right in the middle of a sentence i was writting,,crappola in a bucket of piss,,just loverly,,,grrrrrrrrr...street repairs and such,, cable goes out, no warning,,i being almost a computer nitwit on steroids( an idiot)freaked out thinking my computer died,,yes the tail caught fire and we burned to the ground in a flash of the tears welled up,,my husband popped in and said ,,"we're back up now," grinning like a chershire cat on his way thru the room,,unaware that for two hours i had been mourning the loss of my dear friend and companion,,my computer...i had forgotten to check the surge protector and turn it back on,,so i had no power due to failure to and relief as i flip the switch and the screen lit up and i realize how dependent i had become to this thing sitting on my connections to the outside world are 85% handled thru the internet,,,scary thought if it were down for any length of clients and i stay in touch via the internet,it's wherever they go without physical address needed to "find them" just as my email addy follows wherever i go,,i have access...wonders of modern technology..ain't life grand ??? i am in awe of the breakthru's and inventions of the last 25 yrs..alone,not to mention the last century..i see the wonders that are common place now,,but were brand new in "my day",,,not so long ago,,not talking ancient history either,,,DVD'S AND RW CD'S were cassettes and vcr's,,before was the color television,it was only black and white when i was a child,,but things progress and get more modern and easy to more and more becomes replacable, renewable or returnable...yes life is moving forward at a rapid pace...and i have settled into the currents as i watch the fireworks of these next generations's mark,,, is etched into the fabric of time...

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Apart from the inevitable, the probable, the possible, and the Internet there’s very little left I’m afraid.

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