SPELLING DEMONS..................  

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7/19/2006 3:44 am

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SPELLING DEMONS..................

yes,, i delibrately, misspell (sp) words and some i recognize as being mispelt and go on because it isn't that important... i realise that perhaps as much as 60% of americans either cannot read at all or can't spell properly anyway...then there are those who have a brain condition called dyslexia,,and they can't tell if what they see is correct or not..so does it really matter if the brain can identify the information and use it anyway?? as a proofreader in past life,,,it can drive me nuts but i refuse to let it, cost me time and frustrations over something irrelevant anyway...besides ,i 've noticed a few others on here are plagued with same demons of "correction " which is then used as playful tools of intercourse (the verbal kind,smile)... i may not always agree with the views of others that post on here,,but i will continue to allow the freedoms i enjoy, to say as you wish,,if it's offensive to me personally,,you will be deleted but not banned...and if you become annoying to not only myself but others,,then you will be banned...i am possesive of my space,whether on here or at home,,i don't shit in your front yard,,i won't let you shit in mine...

ZZ_Todd 59M

7/19/2006 6:40 am

This reminds me why I chose a "Communication" degree instead of English. If the average person (who I've learned only has an 8th grade reading capacity) can't understand the English, the communication just ain't going to happen! As far as the rest of your thoughts here... your last line was one that I've often used to let the pests know the groundrules in my blog. People like that are really just looking for attention, and I suppose, like spoiled brat kids, they figure negative attention is better than no attention. Anyone can write whatever they want in my blog, but like you, if it's a personal attack against me or my friends, it gets deleted... I won't give free advertising away to assholes!

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