lonesomefornow2 65F
102 posts
7/10/2006 4:48 am

after listening to morning news,,,i am thinking of all the hotshot kids out there who are meat on the streets for the up coming times,,simply because they are so used to swimming thru on looks or money...the flesh will be their only commodity,,,and expendable...sad,,but those who have gone thru hard times see the writting on the walls...the skills that do not require dependence on modern technologies are worth more than gold when there is no power..are you ready for the worst and best times of your life???when the shelves are empty,,what then?? don't be so arrogant to think it can't happen,,whatever man thinks to do will be done...whether you tie your belief or faith to it or is better to be prepared in any event...not in panic but with awareness of what is really going on around you..there is no peace in the city for me anymore,,it is time for me to leave...

redbeard71901 58M
11 posts
7/10/2006 6:28 am

Give me the good life, one without all the frills and thrills. I can be supportive for my self, I will survive, find me a spot in the mountian range with a creek running through and I'm in heaven. Can you live off the land? Not just think you can, having the knowledge of it and living it is 2 different things. I don't mean for a weekend campout, just try to walk away from your home to a desolate area, create a place to sleep *COMFOTABLY* , Can you start a fire without matches or a lighter? Do you know how to preserve meat without refigeration? Most do not! Most ppl think everything is just fine, and that they will survive as they are till the end of thier time. The important thing is CAN YOU SURVIVE with NOTHING and be happy?

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