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7/6/2006 2:57 am

I have one of those types of life that no matter what I plan for the day,,nothing ever goes as planned,,and that is normal for me...i rarely make any plans beyond a day or so,,would n't do any good to plan further...LOLOL yesterday ,my plan for the day was to finish work on a new garment for myself as i have no client's work on schedule,,but neighbor needing babysitter for the day took priority of my needs...after child left for home,,my space had been 'rearranged' so putting things back up , i am waiting to finish time is my own for sure,,i just have hard time saying NO,,,when i am needed ...poor excuse, i gets me burned out sometimes,,why i need to get out more and kick up some dust,,i think...I have been asked why ,i am on here,,what am i looking for ,,and the closest word i can come up with to define the kind of relationship of what i seek is " boyfriend"... i have given this whole website thing a thought or two and i figure that my motives are based on feelings of missing out on first childhood,,being silly and funny and getting alittle wild,,not sure how far out i could get in that dept.but it is a need to grab on to fun that wasn't allowed or made room for when a child..was child bride,,so there was no dating or proms or parties or sleepovers with the girls...missed alot ,,that didn't matter when i was younger,,now it is goals and motives may be suspect but they are genuine......if i never reach out for the things i want ,no one to blame but i am looking for the special someone that will enjoy me and my thirst for being free to have fun.. i can't make any promises or asking for any in return,,,other than respect and integrity i have little to offer..

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