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7/22/2006 6:18 am

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so i have had the bird's eye view of that war,,and like many was shocked and angry with Ms. Fonda's actions.. but there is a time to let wisdom rule and not emotions..time does heal,,,,if you let it,, but not, if you don't and just keep opening the wound...point being,,if you live the same shit over and over,,you get no where and nothing but more shit...climb out of the pits and look around...past is past,,you can't change it or fix it or remove it's stench but you can move on the fertile side of life....stay if you wish in the shit and stench but don't drag it to my doorstep and expect me to politely hold my nose ..and say nothing....my husband of then was tormented by the sights he saw in that war,,words can not describe to you the nightmares he shared with me,,the emptiness in his soul,,the witnessing of the cruelties of mankind in war time,,the humilty of being and doing what had to be done,just to survive...so don't preach to me of the honor and glory of warriors,,,,of what war does to men,,good men,i already know first hand,,i lived thru it,,too,, the pictures brought back and shown to me are forever etched in my brain,,,i was there, not physically but there none the less....i held him when he suffered heat stroke one summer and the delusions of being in middle of the battle are still cause for jumping at sounds,,now..the child he spoke of that blew up before his eyes,,yes ,i remember every tragedy,,every blow to his sense of right and wronge....the shell he became when he could not deal with the overload of wartime..of what it took from him ,,,,his humanity...the soldier never went home, for ever locked in battle of moralities...of what he did and others just like him...to be a soldier...and survive to come home ,,but that is still waiting for them...home they maybe,,but they never leave there,,the war,,,it goes where they do...our society has no place for soldiers unless in parades....or war...or graveyards...

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7/23/2006 9:49 am

We are in the midst of World War III but nobody has been advised or called it that yet.

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7/25/2006 4:26 pm

The road to Peace sometimes goes through a difficult territory called War.

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