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7/9/2006 7:21 am

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how you treat me,,,i am selfish in that i don't really care that much, how you treat others unless i am present,it doesn't relate or effect me,,,unles you make it so..so if you talk about others when with me ,,i will listen and gain as much, knowing of you, as i can ..but tolerate mistreatment of me,,not going there for anyone,,been there ,,didn't like it,,not going back..forgiveness does not mean , i will share a meal with you ,,you simply become unknown to me, cease to exist in my 'world',, end of problem with one added benefit for me,,there is unease being around you for me and i avoid anyone my spirit doesn't agree with...that is the forgetting part..when i can reach that point,,it is gone..i will attempt to make peace,if possible for any due owed,,if you do not take olive branch offered,,your choice,will not force any..upon you..i confess to not being comfortable with any being angry or at odds with me,,i have not a problem admitting fault or concession for peace..will give love every opportunity to win over with gentleness,,but force brings the warrior in my nature out. as a woman that is a waste of my energies..will listen to any options, as long as it does not go against my true natures..and there are two,,know it and understand,,,a wildness that will never submit,for the wanderlust is a part of my roots...i can no more deny it than hold my breathe for 10 minutes..

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7/9/2006 9:57 am

hi lone

I suggest, do keep in mind that how he treats others ultimately will become how he treats you of course.

"Selective" treatment is not safe, as soon as you are "in the bag", you become the same as others to him and will be treated the way he likes to treat people.

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lonesomefornow2 65F

7/9/2006 2:32 pm

I sincerely thank you for concern,,but i have ace in hole,, i do not place myself in compromising postions with someone i have not looked into their eyes and their souls, a monster could not hide his nature from me,, to even consider him for possible partner,,i am very sensitive to the leading of my God,,,and He does not stay silent when i am careless..so i may get my ego brusied in my romps but no danger comes near me..

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