lonesomefornow2 65F
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7/1/2006 7:53 am

On the subject of children,,since i have emails from many single dads,,,,yours,,if you have children young enough to be home with ,you ,whether living full time or not,,i applaude your dedication to them and will not have further contact,,you are not on my list of possiblies because i will not be issue of competion for their attentions from you thru my being in picture for distraction,,sorry, BUT YOUR KIDS,,DO COME FIRST IN MY BOOK ALSO...MINE ; are grown and fully aware of my never being conformed to what others think or say i should be this new twist is not anything of shame or surprise with mine,,,,next OURS: not gonna happen without DIVINE TOUCH,, have no tubes and everything else,, is in place and just fine..have no desire to start new family or share the raising of one in progress,,,did that,,,not wanting to repeat task,,,it is my turn,,quite bluntly to have fun and play just for fun,,,yes ,,i want to be spoiled and fussed over,,,but i give as good as i get ,,so sounds ,,like fair trade to me ,,if you know what cards are being played,,,HUH ??? YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE THE NEXT MOVE,,huh???

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